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Erik and Elisa Medhus – Insights from the Afterlife: Heavenly Wisdom

by Alison McEvoy
Insights from the Afterlife: Heavenly Wisdom Advancing Life on Earth

This beautiful article appeared in our Spring 2018 issue, and here, we share it in its entirety. Following the tragic death of her son Erik, Elisa Medhus gradually began to open up to the idea of the afterlife … and felt her son draw closer to her as a result. In her books, ‘My Son and the Afterlife’ and ‘My Life After Death’ – co-authored by Erik, with help from a medium – she expressed his message of hope and consolation, as well as offering information on the hidden miracles of the afterlife can bring: a gift that is intended to help and support us during our lives here on Earth.

Insights from the Afterlife: Heavenly Wisdom Advancing Life on Earth

Insights from the Afterlife: Heavenly wisdom advancing life on earth

By Alison McEvoy


Just twenty years and fifteen days after he was born into this world as Erik Rune Medhus, Erik took his own life and entered the afterlife. His family initially plunged into a deep grief and bewilderment, but when Erik’s soul began to make contact from the beyond, a whole universe of spiritual understanding on the nature of life, death and the afterlife unfolded into their lives.


Erik’s mother Elisa had been raised by two atheists and had become a physician. She was a complete sceptic when it came to notions of life after death and of anything outside the scientific realm. The gift which lay in the aftermath of her son’s death was the unravelling of her scepticism about the spirit world. Erik helped Elisa to make the journey from ‘sceptic to believer’.

After various encounters had occurred between Erik and his family members, Elisa decided to have a channelling session with Spirit Translator Jamie Butler. As time went on, Erik and Elisa realized that the reconnection they were now making, and all that had happened in Erik’s life, was part of a soul contract they had made with each other.

‘One of the most interesting answers to the “why” of all the pain and suffering I experienced in my life as Erik I didn’t figure out until much later…I was supposed to be a guide and help humans, and the compassion, empathy, and listening skills I gained during my life were important for me to become a better one… [It] came down to the spiritual contract my soul had picked for itself.’ (Erik Medhus, My Life After Death)


Soon after Erik’s death, Elisa set up a blog called Channelling Erik®. The blog aspired to provide a community of loving support and an outlet for those experiencing pain and grief. Erik began taking part, visiting blog members and sending messages through Jamie. The nature of their soul contract began to crystallise – together they would blog, make videos and write books, bringing the wisdom of the afterlife to the earthly plane to help people live happier, more loving lives and to have faith in the great return to LOVE which awaits us after death.

Continuation of life after death

The fear Erik sensed in his loved ones, due to the belief that death was the end, was something he wanted to help them with. He wanted to assure them of there being a consciousness that remains after death and to enable them to understand death as a ‘transition’ rather than permanent separation. This work with his family was the beginning of his role as a spirit guide to help release humanity in general from the fear of death.

In his book My Life After Death, Erik shares the entire story, in incredible and often humorous detail, of his death, his funeral, meeting with deceased family members who help guide him to the other side, and coming to terms with his existence as the essence of himself as a spirit – a being of pure energy. He tells of his life review, where he is supported by a team of spirits who help him to uncover the love, understanding and forgiveness in himself which often eluded him during his life on earth.

Impressions of Erik on earth

Among the many interviews and discussions where Erik shares insight from heaven, on some of the most perplexing questions we have as humans, there are some in which Erik’s voice can be heard. In others, various orbs of lights have appeared. These impressions of sound and image which Erik makes are not apparent during the live recordings. Every so often one is discovered in retrospect and brought to Elisa’s attention. Eventually, Elisa became intrigued enough to send these impressions to audio-visual experts for analysis. The result of analysis found that the sounds had left no voiceprint and yet were, nonetheless, audible on the playback. This confirmed that the voice was not a human voice. For those that knew him, they recognise the tone and pronunciation as Erik’s own.

Connections with Ireland

The Channelling Erik® blog community continues to extend, stretching across the Atlantic with members in Ireland linking into the fold of this supportive group. Elisa and her daughter Kristina Braly visited Ireland recently to attend the wedding of a blog member in Dublin. Having flown into Shannon, they rented a car and drove along the ‘scenic route’ to the capital. They video-blogged the entire trip on YouTube, taking in the views from the Cliffs of Moher, the ring of Kerry and even kissing the Blarney stone.

We spoke to Elisa and Erik, through medium Veronica Drake, to hear what Erik had to share with Positive Life readers in Ireland. The following are snapshots from that conversation.


LOVE is the universal language in heaven. The soul expresses LOVE in feelings. Erik tells us that we can bring the vibration of the heavenly realm into our earthly experience by becoming more willing to feel and express LOVE.

To stop, breathe and be in the experience of LOVE during challenging times, creates a much more compassionate existence on earth. On the heavenly plane no effort is needed, as the energy of LOVE is all-pervading. Here on earth, to make this moment to moment choice to act from the experience and energy of LOVE is part of a wider shift involving the whole of humanity. A shift which Erik assures us will occur “gracefully”, gently and yet powerfully in 2018.

On Brain vs Mind:

The Brain is like a computer. It uploads everything that happens to us. It memorises all of the mandates we are given as a child by our parents, teachers and caretakers. It is where all our ‘programming’ is stored – all those statements telling us who we are and how we are meant to be. Think ‘little girls wear pink’, and ‘big boys don’t cry’.

The Mind, on the other hand, is our energetic connection to the soul. The mind has the potential to think for itself once an individual chooses the spiritual path. When a person evolves and enlightens, the mind awakens. The mind then enables us to be conscious of CHOICE. There are choices available to us as to who and how to be, outside of the options given to us by the programming of the brain. Most significantly, an awakened mind allows us to CHOOSE LOVE instead of fear.

On emotion:

According to Erik, one mistake humans often make is thinking first and feeling second. More often than not it goes like this: we think a thought – that thought evokes an emotion – this emotion generates our decision to act in a certain way. So let’s say someone doesn’t reply to your email. You start thinking variations on the theme that this person doesn’t care, they just can’t be bothered. Cue anger, bitterness and frustration. These emotions require an outlet – namely angry, embittered actions. These actions will no doubt cause more of the same to come into being.

Instead, Erik advises us to feel first. We can CHOOSE to tap into our intuition and emotional intelligence first. We can CHOOSE to allow a true emotional connection with ourselves to occur and for these emotions to generate our thoughts and thus guide our actions. Being guided by emotional authenticity with ourselves – while this can be scary and make us feel vulnerable – is the route to a more authentic and compassionate life.

You’ll find Elisa and Erik’s blog sprinkled with offerings like these, serving the curious and the questioning among you, giving support to those whose will to live is wavering, and providing connection for those in need of comfort who have experienced the tragic death of a loved one. Erik continuously reaches out with answers from heaven and messages of insight, hope, wisdom and encouragement.


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