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Expand your Healing Practice: Certification in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy

by Alison McEvoy

Dr. Raymond B. Cadwell Ph.D. is the founding father of Biomagnetic Therapy in Ireland. Raymond is a 30-year veteran of personal transformation practices, with a great ability to nudge people towards essential lifestyle changes that support their overall health. In our Spring 2019 issue, we were given an opportunity to learn more about his foundational courses in Biomagnetic Therapy.

Expand your Healing Practice

Certification in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy

by Alison McEvoy

“Amazing from start to finish,” began Maria Stevens, from her home in Malin Head, when we spoke about her training experience in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy with Dr Raymond Cadwell. Maria is already a homeopath, kinesiologist, reflexologist and Bach Flower Remedy practitioner. She has become concerned, in recent years, at the pervasiveness of auto-immune diseases and of Lyme disease, which is particularly prevalent in her area. The thought that led her to Biomagnetic therapy was “there has to be a therapy that can get to the bottom of this.” Applied Biomagnetic therapy, with its engagement with illness on four levels from physical to spiritual, gets very much to the root cause – revealing microbes, underlying traumas and ancestral or soul issues that may be causing physical disease.

Maria is one of a number of students who recently embarked on the Practitioner’s Certification Foundation programme with Raymond last November. She describes how, for five days, she and the group were immersed in biomagnetic therapy: both receiving and giving.


Raymond’s form of Biomagnetic therapy is unique, in that he marries with it his experience in trauma and spiritual healing, making it an applied version of the therapy and an overall balancing and rejuvenating experience to receive.

One outstanding feature of the programme for Maria was the fact that self-care was made paramount. Opportunities were created throughout the day for participants to receive biomagnetic treatments and spiritual or soul healing from Raymond.

“I’ve never had this kind of training experience,” she remarked, “Yes, on many trainings they talk about self-care but actually doing it during a programme was an amazing experience. We are always healing ourselves and he really put across the importance of self-care to us.”

The course officially began at 9am. However, the group would gather between 7.45am and 9am to observe or receive sessions, as they felt called to do. Again, after lunch, for forty-five minutes, the group would lie down and cosy up with blankets and pillows to experience soul healing through guided meditations and “energy rejuvenation”, as Maria called it.  At the end of the day’s programme, from 5pm to 7pm, Raymond continued to offer healing sessions for participants to receive and observe.


From the outset, the practitioner’s mindset is cultivated as students sit at plinths rather than desks. Then, within a few hours of training, on day one, Maria was already practising biomagnetic therapy; communicating with “that innate intelligence of the body” and placing magnets on bodies. Thanks to this emphasis on practice and the resulting confidence it creates, Maria felt “ready to roll with it straight away.”

With Applied Biomagnetic Therapy, the change in a person is initiated in the very moments a practitioner is working with the body; communicating, listening, unearthing the roots of illness and applying magnets to neutralise microbial imbalances: “The change is happening on the plinth, there and then … that initial change has begun and that’s what I love about it.”

Between last November and this coming March 2019, Maria has twenty case studies to perform in order to advance to the Certification programme. It’s only January and Maria has completed them all. Now, she eagerly awaits the coming of Spring, and March.  At her ripe old age of sixty-plus years, she chuckles at the excitement she feels about this new opportunity to learn and serve people’s health; “This is about becoming a master practitioner. Watching Raymond serve, I see an ethereal quality about him which I think comes from all his life experience, working closely with people. His firm intention is to serve a client.”

Dr Raymond B. Cadwell Ph.D is offering two more Foundation Courses in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy this year in May and September 2019. He regularly runs free experience evenings at locations around Dublin. For more information see:


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