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Activate Your Potential: Whole Hearted Leadership is Steps Away

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We highly recommend checking out this article from our Summer 2019 issue, in which Dusty Staub and Cliona O’Hanlon outline how to embrace the art of fearless, inspired leadership.

Activate Your Potential

Whole hearted leadership is steps away

by Dusty Staub and Cliona O’Hanlon

What exactly is required to fully be your best self? To be a true, wholehearted leader in all you do? It’s an invitation to claim your deepest heart, realise your highest intentions, and courageously and persistently act from this place. The key to this state of being is liberating the purpose, passion and power not only within yourself, but also within the individuals, team members and organisation around you. It involves the willingness to immerse yourself in the fullness, bounty and grace of your being in the present moment.

First, your planning coaching and developmental work has to engage four fundamental factors:

1. Be strategic in scope and focus: clarify your core why (purpose) in living and in your work place.
2. Be substantive, using hands-on, practical methodology and skills.
3. Be experiential, engaging people in active learning.
4. Be developmental, reinforcing, following-up and engaging sustainability.

Second, engage in effective practices/behaviours to give traction through tested action:

1. Listen interactively, using powerful follow-up questions and ensuring that others feel heard.
2. Engage and partner, by ensuring all are strategically aligned with purpose and focused pathways.
3. Facilitate learning experiences by engaging active participation, reflection and action steps.
4. Build trust by eliminating any and all blame and shame.
5. Use what and how and when questions: stop asking ‘why’ and ‘who.’
6. Show up / take responsibility and model that in your interactions.
7. Build capacity through encouragement, behavioural feedback for appreciation and correction.
8. Draw the larger circle – focus on purpose and expand perspectives on what matters most.
9. Reinforce accountability – close performance feedback-loops using an Intent-Behaviour-Results framework.

We aim to blend Emotional Intelligence and Intellectual Quotient in an integrated, holistic framework for developing powerful leadership at all levels. Our Heart of Leadership Framework consists of seven key drivers of leadership effectiveness, allowing you to analyse, diagnose and take meaningful action.

One of those core drivers is courage. That, in turn, has been broken down into discrete Acts of Courage to enable individuals and organisations to assess where they are strongest and also most need development. This framework is outlined in Dusty’s bestselling book The 7 Acts of Courage: Bold Leadership for a Wholehearted Life. He also delivered a TED Talk in 2016 on the transformative power of Acts of Courage.

We seek to encourage the development of high performance teamwork at all levels of an organisation. To this end, we facilitate strategic implementation planning retreats for senior leadership figures within an organisation to digest, work through and outline their next steps. We also facilitate team work-out and work-up sessions in order to create an atmosphere of cohesive communication and collaboration. We believe in driving dynamic culture change for increased effectiveness, robustness and resiliency.

You can learn more about the services we offer by contacting Cliona O’Hanlon via email or phone at clionaohanlon@me.com or 085 828 2625.
Our main website is 
staubleadership.com, where we offer a wide range of resources enabling individuals and businesses to reach their full potential. We also have a YouTube channel and a website devoted completely to developing more wholehearted living: theactsofcourage.com.

Dusty’s TEDxTalk on Acts of Courage is available here.

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