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Mindfulness Haven Galway is the brainchild of Kasia Slabon, who is passionate about helping people to improve their wellness. She and her husband Lukasz run a variety of meditation classes and other therapeutic experiences, designed to help clients’ sense of ease and flow. We were excited to feature them in our Spring 2020 issue! Read on to learn more.

Mindfulness Haven Galway

Restore well-being and peace within

by Alison McEvoy

Speaking with Kasia about the Mindfulness Haven in Galway, a real sense of purpose and passion shines through her words.

“Stress is an increasing problem these days, and we need to make space and time to relax and cultivate more self-awareness, kindness, and compassion.”

The Mindfulness Haven sprang from Kasia’s own experience with chronic anxiety and panic disorder: “I have been exploring various techniques to manage them in my life. Discovering meditation and power of the Sound was the best that could happen to me. Now I want to help people like me who suffer because of stress. I created this space in Galway city to serve just this purpose, with full relaxation equipment, and range of amazing classes and workshops to offer.”

Apart from various workshops and meditation classes, Kasia and her husband Lukasz run regular Sound Baths from the Mindfulness Haven where they enable people to experience the deep feeling of effortless relaxation which Sound brings.

Community is at the heart of The Mindfulness Haven. Kasia is far from her native Poland, and she feels that the studio is a way of connecting with the local community, and meeting other facilitators with similar mission. “The more we do for the community, the more we feel the sense of connection with others” 

Kasia hopes that practitioners and renters alike will come and add to the eclectic mix of classes, courses and community workshops already on the go at the centre, including sound baths, tai chi, yoga, laughter yoga, Thai massage classes, stress reduction workshops and regular mindfulness courses.


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