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Spirituality in the City: Spring 2020 Edition

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We hope everyone is staying well and safe in these turbulent times. If your spirits are in need of a lift, we highly recommend the Spirituality in the City section of our magazine. In the Spring 2020 issue, six readers told us all about the gifts of a new beginning. Read it below.

Spirituality in the City

‘Let’s Begin…’

Julie Ruane

They say a good way to meet someone is through an evening course, so when I decided to  join my local Angels and Meditation class in Tallaght a few years ago, little did I know what the angels had in store for me. Each Tuesday, I looked forward to my new class, to help me relax after teaching little rascals.

Michael was waiting on the sidelines, attending the class, coming to the pub after class for our “spiritual” chats.  As our friendship developed, a dinner invite was issued. After that eventful dinner, a new relationship began. Five years later, we were married in the fairytale medieval city of Carcassonne.

I am still in awe of the divine synchronicity needed for us to meet, and am very grateful to my guides and guardian angel for sending me a delightful husband. Who knows where those cherubs reside, waiting to shoot their love arrows?


Aidan Kavanagh

I have worked as a DJ for many years. I see how dancing fast tracks people to a place of playfulness and lightness of being, where your energy shifts into a level of buoyancy that rises above the everyday.  When you move, you nourish the seed of your dance to blossom. My ‘Let’s Begin’ moment came to me on the dance floor. I was stuck in my head, but when I dropped into the stillness of my heart I was able to access universal support mechanism.

The lens on my vision adjusted and ‘Dansez Vous – A Heart Intention Dance’ revealed itself. I now run a monthly workshop and co-run an alcohol and drug free monthly  Pollen club. If you engage with your heart for guidance, it will tell you if you are on a good path. This is where your enthusiasm comes from. When your heart opens, it returns you to a place of wonder.

Facebook Page: Dansez Vous Irelanddansezvousireland@gmail.compollenclubfordance.comhello@pollenclubfordance.com

Kasia Slabon

After the birth of my second child, I went through a difficult time suffering from postnatal depression, anxiety and panic attacks. It dimmed the joy of experiencing life for me. When I realised that I could let go of trying to fix myself, I accepted and welcomed those feelings as if they were my guides and friends.

Slowly, they started to loosen their tight grip and go away. From that moment of realisation, something shifted in me and changed my whole life. I felt a tiny spark in me becoming brighter and growing bigger. I felt as though I was born again, with joy and excitement about experiencing new adventures, as everything was possible.

This feeling has helped me to rise above my fears and doubts, and go beyond my comfort zone to make those dreams of mine a reality.



Daniel Tighe

Beginning again is both daunting and freeing, overwhelming and cathartic. I discovered this when I started again. At the age of 35, I committed to leaving behind a life of addiction and misery. 

Stopping, however, was only the beginning. Over two years later, it continues to evolve, some days easier, some so difficult I am brought to my knees in surrender. Certain things don’t come naturally, and I have to renew them each day. I wake up neither grateful nor patient, neither humble nor willing to surrender. These I can work towards through the day.

I am eternally grateful to have sought and found help outside of myself. A 12-step programme and my Kundalini Yoga practice have taught me the power of beginning again each morning, every day, renewing my connection to life, and that thankfully, I now understand, is enough.


Jessica Alstrom

My life’s ‘spring renewal’ began in 2010. My pain and trauma reached breaking point, and I found the courage to move 3,000 kilometres away. I wanted distance from the person I was, with who I knew I could be. 

The courage and foresight to make that move saw me quickly moving towards my desired life. Within three months, I was manifesting great opportunities, and with those, followed the certainty that I was the creator of my reality. It set me free! I began rewiring my subconscious to override the programs that no longer served me, and I took responsibility for every challenge and mirror that showed up around me. The law of attraction got me started, but the law of reflection saw me make the most significant jump. 

Responsibility for your reality is the key to true freedom, and it’s this formula that has gained me a global following.


Ken Mahon

On the 21st of December 2012, at a winter solstice celebration I met a woman. On Friday 28th August 2015 at 12.13pm I got married to said woman. Nothing has been the same since! I really began life again. There was a sense of adventure after getting married – a giddiness telling me that anything was possible.

Following my wedding, that November I quit my career in engineering after 28 years, and rented out our house. We moved to India in December, then settled in Bali in January. From here I moved into life coaching and a steep learning curve about running an online business to help support my wife in her new online venture.

From working 9 to 5 living in Ireland to zipping around Ubud, in Bali on a scooter in shorts and t-shirt, going to yoga, drinking coconuts and now working online … it proves that anyone can change their life and begin again. What an adventure life is!


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