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Gentle Soaps: Natural Skin Treats

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Among the wonderful Irish businesses featured in our Autumn 2020 issue were The Soap Room and Donegal Natural Soaps. We loved hearing more about these skin treats! Read on to enjoy the article.

Gentle Soaps

Natural skin treats

by Aisling Cronin

Taking time to care for our bodies is one of the greatest gifts we can offer to ourselves. One beautiful way to treat your skin is by treating yourself to products that will deeply nourish it.

This philosophy is deeply meaningful to Simona of The Soap Room, a natural skincare company based in Galway. She says, ‘As a child growing up in Italy, I always had a deep connection to the earth. We lived on fresh produce and bought in the local market. Now living in Galway, I bring that same sensibility to my products. I source the best natural ingredients and use traditional methods to create skin-care products which make you feel healthier and happier, while keeping a deep connection to the earth.’

We adore Simona’s Atlantic Seaweed Handmade Soap. This one is packed with marine nutrients, rich in beneficial minerals that hydrate the skin and contain anti-aging properties.

Another eco-conscious, health-minded company making their mark is Donegal Natural Soap Company, run by Isobel Sangha.

Isobel explains, ‘the story of my business began in 2010 when my son, then aged two, was at the peak of a painful battle with atopic eczema. In my search for relief and healing treatment, I began to research the products we used daily and what they contain.’

Isobel now greatly enjoys making soaps for others, and hearing their positive feedback. In addition to wonderfully fragrant natural soaps, she creates butters, balms and bath treats. We love her soothing hand balm, designed to gently soothe and repair busy hands. We can’t get enough of its subtle starflower and rosehip scent!



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