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One of the many holistic luminaries we were pleased to interview for our Autumn 2020 issue was Amatsu practitioner Carole Douglas, who told editor Alison McEvoy all about this soothing, re-balancing form of healing. Read the full article below.

Mobility Medicine

The Amatsu way to free up movement

Alison McEvoy in conversation with Carole Douglas

Amatsu is a truly holistic body treatment, originating in Japan. It gently works through muscle and ligament imbalances within the body. Clients typically present with back, neck or shoulder pain and, in fact, practitioners aptly refer to a treatment as a ‘balance.’

Most of us suffer from a lack of mobility in some shape or form. Often, we learn to live with that restriction, and it isn’t until the real pain sets in that we seek help. Hours spent holding babies at night, curled over your laptop, seated in the office chair or folded into your car seat leave us holding unnecessary tension.

Take a moment now: sit down, inhale, hold the breath for a moment, and exhale it out again. Repeat this a few times, drawing your awareness inwards. Start to ‘look’ around your body, from your toes through the hips, shoulders and into the head. Do you feel any discomfort? Did you know that was there? For me, my neck and upper back shouts out at me clearly with a loud “hey!”

Carole Douglas, a passionate Amatsu practitioner and teacher, spoke to us recently about what Amatsu offers us.

“Amatsu is a movement orientated treatment in which we aim to release restrictions and bring back natural, relaxed movement to the body. Once structural balance is aligned, normal blood and lymph flow is restored, and any stress on internal organs from misalignment can be released. The body is freed up to function optimally.”

Carole turned to Amatsu after a long career “doing crazy things with horses”. She ended up with a serious neuralgia-type pain in her head which ended with a spell in hospital. After finding Amatsu and having about four sessions, she was well on the road to recovery. “My neck had been locked for several years – Amatsu totally changed my life and has been my passion ever since.”

“Amatsu practitioners hand back control to you. We help and support you. We go ‘upstream’ to find the source of the problem and hand you back your health. We aim to empower you to work with us to embrace and return to a fully active life.”

During an Amatsu session, which lasts 45-60 minutes, the practitioner looks for the source of pain, rather than simply treating symptoms. The gentleness of the technique means it is suitable for everyone, from newborns – who can benefit greatly from the emphasis on craniosacral balance – to the elderly, who can be in particular need of mobility medicine. At any stage in life, Amatsu helps the body to open up to its full potential for health, movement, freedom and ease.

“The Amatsu Association of Ireland is proud to have, as president, William Doolan, one of the original sources of Amatsu in the West. William learned directly from Dr.Masaaki Hatsumi, the head of the original Japanese school.”

Training with the Amatsu Ireland Training School is a wonderful way to delve deeper into this time-honoured healing technique. Paul Hand, another of the original sources of Amatsu in the West, is here in Ireland, teaching this two-year course which is followed by a postgraduate training. On the Amatsu Ireland website, you will find the Amatsu community – a host of practitioners around the country. A great place to begin your journey back to ease of movement, Amatsu awaits you!


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