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In our Autumn 2020 issue, we were pleased to learn all about the healing benefits of bio-kinesiology from seasoned practitioner Elma Murphy. Click below to enjoy the article!

The Chemistry of Life

Healing with Bio-kinesiology

by Alison McEvoy

I spoke with Elma Murphy recently, a knowledgeable lady who has been practising “kinesiology with the emphasis on the body’s chemistry, the therapy now called Bio-kinesiology” for the past twenty years. “Kinesiology found me,” explained Elma. “I was completely burnt out working in business. I went looking for nutrition to rebuild myself.” When she came across a kinesiology demonstration, Elma knew that what she had been looking for had found her.

Kinesiology in itself has risen to great heights in the healing world. It is an in-depth conversation with the body, wherein the body is given a voice. Muscle testing for strength (yes) or weakness (no) allows the practitioner to engage in a way that the body itself reveals what parts need healing, and also allows the practitioner to determine exactly what kind of nutritional and holistic support is required for that healing to occur. Our publisher, Paul, went to see Pippa, Elma’s colleague, for a Bio-Kinesiology session recently:

“I loved it. I love the feeling of bypassing the mind and asking the body, what’s going on? There is no more reliable source than your own body to tell you what it needs and doesn’t. The muscle testing process is very informative and you can feel your body go weak when its giving you a no, so you really feel your part in the process. I had to cut out some foods after and introduce some supplements my body was low on. I just love this feeling of knowing what to give my body to get it rolling again.”

Elma’s journey took her on a diploma course in kinesiology and, later, she began attending functional biochemistry/kinesiology seminars in London. “I learnt all about the body’s chemical pathways and how to test them.” The combination between kinesiology and biochemistry – aka bio-kinesiology – is a powerful one.

“Bio-kinesiology differs from other types of kinesiology in that it focuses mainly on the body’s chemistry. Bio-kinesiology is a therapy which aims to get to the root cause of the symptoms that a client is suffering. This is done using muscle testing, together with a knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the body, how biochemical pathways in the body work, and with nutrition. We use muscle testing to find which meridian is weak, thus indicating the area of the body that needs help. We then follow that chemistry pathway to determine where exactly the imbalance is and what nutrient will help bring it back to full strength.”

“For example, the energy production pathway requires various nutrients at different stages. Someone could be feeling very tired and someone else could be absolutely exhausted – two different stages of that chemistry pathway, each needing different nutrients to get the pathway moving again. We do the same for the hormone pathway, liver detoxification etc.”

These days, Elma runs a busy practice and also teaches two bio kinesiology courses which run side by side each year with her colleague Pippa O’ Gorman. Information on the course can be found on biokinesiology.ie

Practitioners can be found on bkai.ie

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