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Seminars.ie Presents ‘Spiritual Health: The Next Frontier’ With Susannah Healy

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Our friends at Seminars.ie are holding an exciting event with psychologist and mindfulness meditation teacher Susannah Healy TOMORROW, Wednesday April 14th, at 7.00 p.m. Irish time. We highly recommend tuning in!

Susannah will explore how research in wellbeing is already looking towards the next frontier – our spiritual health.

Our understanding of life’s meaning and purpose, originally given through religious membership, is being replaced by new phenomena such as “spiritual distress”, “purpose anxiety” and “learned meaninglessness”. Where will our collective eagerness to promote STEM subjects take us? How can we live a fully spiritual life that isn’t just for Sundays or the yoga mat? How can added responsibility give us our greatest chance of fulfilment? Susannah argues that for too long we have assumed spirituality to be a private matter. But if spirituality includes personal meaning, a sense of relatedness and our membership in nature, then it is a topic of global as well as personal importance. Spirituality is deeply personal, but it is not a private matter.

During the event, Susannah will explore how we can live a more spiritually fulfilled life at home and at work, in our streetscapes, our education and healthcare systems as well as in government.

How can we bring spirituality to the workplace?

Finding meaning and purpose at work

In town planning, how do we design to encourage awe and activate the parts of our brain which see the world in a more connected way?

What should we teach our children?

How can we integrate and take advantage of the healing powers of spiritual beliefs in our healthcare system? In government?

Susannah Healy is a psychologist, mindfulness meditation teacher (Irl & UK) and author. Her most recent publication “The Seven Day Soul: Finding Meaning Beneath the Noise” (Hachette) (2019) has already been translated and published internationally. Susannah has written for multiple print media in Ireland, has acted as Agony Aunt on a popular radio show and been a guest on numerous radio and television programmes. In her work as a Management Consultant, she works with client companies to create the meaning-centred workplace.

Visit susannahhealy.com to learn more about her.

Click here to book your place.

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