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In our Autumn 2021 issue, we were honoured to speak to Patricia Fitzgerald, artist and entrepreneur. She designs beautiful mandalas to soothe the soul, and has now released a Healing Creations oracle deck.

Higher Creativity

Artwork in Service of Healing

by Alison McEvoy

“In 2012 my life fell apart. Then, through a whole series of synchronicities, I began dutifully drawing mandalas,” says Patricia Fitzgerald of Healing Creations. She drew and drew, and it was after many months of hardship – during which the mandalas continued to pour out through her – that she stopped, researched and realised what mandalas are all about.

“Mandalas are healing journeys of introspection. Drawing them is a process and it allows things to come up. The mandalas were black at the beginning and slowly, slowly the colour crept back in. It was healing me.”

Healing Creations operates from the Marlay Park Courtyard and online. Patricia offers mandalas created by her own hands, through her dreams, sacred geometry and the higher, divine intelligence which she experiences as working through her creativity. This year, she launched an oracle deck that represents the culmination of seven years of her artwork. Each of the cards displays stunning mandala and dream images, paired with inspirational words and passages.

Patricia encourages her viewers to fully take in the divine proportion which can be viewed, felt and perhaps even heard, through her mandalas;

“Really look at the images and feel what comes up for you. When some connection comes up, trust yourself. It is a journey of delving into your own intuition … I always have the intention that when anyone looks at my work they are connected to their higher self.”

Patricia’s mandalas, for me, immediately silence my mind and transport me to a deeper, more healing place. They stop my wandering gaze and make me still. This is healing and artwork combined. The result is truly wonderful and necessary for these times.


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