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Our Autumn Issue Hits The Shelves This Week

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Fantastic news, Positive Lifers! Our brand-new Autumn issue will be landing in a health store near you this week. The theme is ‘truth.’ It has been a true labour of love, and we hope it inspires your mind and soothes your spirit as we ease into these crisp autumnal days.

What goodies does this magazine contain? The list is extensive.

Our cover star is the one and only Lorie Ladd! She had much wisdom to share on the nature of truth, how to be fully empowered, and the amazing galactic energies here to assist humanity at this time.

Dr. Joe Vitale joined us for a conversation on the sacred power of the Ho’oponopono prayer: “I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.”

We were fascinated by the unique fitness approach of Universal Space Studio. These guys have embraced a truly holistic method of caring for body, mind and spirit.

The O’Neill Sisters are a legendary musical trio who have achieved worldwide acclaim for their beautiful renditions of classic songs such as ‘Red is the Rose.’ They are now combining their love of music with their interest in spirituality: they self-produced an album called ‘The Chakra Sounds’ last year, which was full of healing harmonics. It was a joy to interview them.

Health is on the brain this season, so we took an in-depth look at the immune-boosting benefits of vitamin D and liposomal vitamin C. Both of these nutrients play an important role in nurturing our wellbeing as the darker days draw in. We were lucky enough to have a whole host of nutrition experts on hand to explain the health-supporting potential of these vitamins, including Abundance and Health, Vital Organico and CNM (The College of Naturopathic Medicine).

Oodles of content from our regular writers, including: Judith McAdam on how we experience truth in our lives; The Happy Pear‘s delicious autumn recipes; and Hans Wieland on the difference trees can make to our wellbeing.

These highlights, and much more, will be available for you to read in our Autumn issue. Click here to find your nearest stockist, or here to subscribe and receive a copy direct to your door.

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