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Sneak Peek: A Conversation on Consciousness With Rebecca Dawson

by Alison McEvoy

Our Winter 2021/22 issue has just gone to print. In it, we spoke with the acclaimed channeller Rebecca Dawson and had a very illuminating conversation about the human body, dimensional shifts and the power of not choosing – dive on in for a sneak peek!

A Dimensional Shift

Framing Your Consciousness For 5D

by Alison McEvoy

All human beings are amazingly unique. Not only that, but each human mission on Earth is also one-of-a-kind. Talking to Rebecca, her sense of this sublime creativity at work on Earth is palpable, and she herself embodies her uniqueness so courageously.

As a child, Rebecca came into the world with memories about what she had done before and who she had been. She could see energy fields, into the human body and could see each human blueprint of existence. Her mother, it seems, played a pivotal role in her carrying this consciousness forward into adulthood by encouraging her, and teaching her, to embrace her difference.

“My mother got me into meditation classes when I was nine years old. I learnt how to use and move energy…at eighteen I had become the person to go to for counselling among friends, family and friends of the family…”

One day she was doing a counselling type session with someone and she had “a huge expansive feeling, and suddenly
it wasn’t me taking anymore, and it felt like I was over there, watching it.” In this spontaneous way, Rebecca became a channeller for Serapis Bay. Later, St Germain and Kuthumi began to express through her.

The Body-Portal

As Rebecca sees it, the human being, by nature, is “multidimensional”. The body is our portal to all that is. We have no other way, but the body, and through it we experience life and all its dimensions.

“The body is the temple. It is the base of our consciousness. It is our access point for consciousness. We go here when we meditate and we find God here…There is nothing holier than the human body.”

We don’t experience our body like this most of the time, but that too is changing: “We are going through a paradigm shift to bring us into more awareness of our multidimensionality. We are moving from one particular reality, with all its laws of how things work, to another.”

If we are to make the shift, it requires an expansion of consciousness beyond the containment of the functioning of the 3rd dimension.

Making the shift (rather, the shift makes you)

You know you are part of this shift when the strategies for making things happen that used to work for you, stop working. You are using 3D strategies while entering a 5D reality, where the same mechanics of existence don’t apply.

It can look like you are losing your ability to achieve, manifest and create. It can feel frustrating and like your life is a failure. This is not the case. Instead, you can support the change by letting go, allowing a breakdown of systems that used to work and not relying on them anymore. Now…you may dive deeper into the new dimension by entering into a state of not knowing and not choosing…

Don’t choose, don’t lose

Duality is a stand-out feature of the 3D world. Things are experienced as one thing, and not another. They cannot be both – both good or bad, desirable or undesirable, possible or impossible. These are identified as opposites and are set apart from one another.

As we enter 5D reality, these dualities start to merge. This happens in us, in our body, in our experience of them and our feelings and attitudes towards them. We stop experiencing the world as divided into good/bad, light/dark, desirable/undesirable etc.

“The frontiers of duality are coming together in the body…It’s opposition coming together in the human form.”

When humans learn a new way – to not choose – we are rocketed forth into a whole new world of possibilities for creation and living.

Learn more about Rebecca and her work at rebeccadawson.net

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