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Sneak Peek: The Frequency Shift – Interview with Wendy Kennedy

by Aisling Cronin

Our Winter 2021/22 issue has just gone to print. In it, we spoke with Wendy Kennedy, who is an intuitive, empath, and channel. Wendy facilitates a shift in perspective from that of separation and limitation to connection and multidimensional existence.

A Frequency Shift

Interview with Wendy Kennedy

by Aisling Cronin

Wendy Kennedy is a world-renowned intuitive, empath, and channel. For over two decades, she has used her gifts and abilities to work with beings in other realms and dimensions. Wendy first began channelling in 1995 – primarily with her own angelic guides – before becoming acquainted with The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective, whom she now channels at her public events and in private sessions. In addition to the Pleiadians, Wendy works with beings from Sirius, Lyra, and Arcturus, as well as other higher dimensional beings. The clear and compassionate wisdom shared through Wendy facilitates a shift in perspective: helping listeners to move away from a state of separation and limitation, towards connection and multidimensional awareness. Her work as a channeller has helped her to gain a deep understanding of the great shift humanity is currently experiencing.

During a recent event with Wendy, we explored what it means to live at a higher frequency. On the development of her channelling abilities, Wendy said, ‘I started doing this in the Nineties. It was very gradual. When I first began to work with my guides, I would do automatic writing: writing down everything I heard from them. But this soon became cumbersome. I was told to put down the pen and just speak what I was hearing. They were waiting for me to begin channelling verbally. Once I allowed the words to flow, that’s when the Pleiadian Collective came in. I’m on year twenty-six of working with them now!’ We asked Wendy about frequency, and what it truly means to ‘live at a higher frequency’. How can we walk upon the Earth at this time and maintain an elevated, optimistic frequency? On a simple level, Wendy explains, the process of inhabiting a frequency of our choice entails a willingness to practice it.

One example of such a practice method would be verbal affirmation: repeating the words ‘I am peace, I am love’, and simply allowing ourselves to sink into that state. ‘It is about practice,’ Wendy comments. ‘The higher end of the frequency spectrum – love, peace, joy, bliss – those are the states all of us are generally seeking. The process of experiencing it is as simple as imagining it. Just imagine how it would feel to be those things you want to be. This is easier if you just work with one or two frequencies at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself !’ ‘So if it’s peace that you want, or maybe connection, make a habit of checking in with yourself, every day, to see whether you’re consciously imagining that sense of peace or connection.’ ‘If you are aware that you’re not feeling the way you’d like to feel – for example, if you had a difficult conversation with your boss, and you’re now feeling tense and defensive – take a moment to breathe. Come back to centre. Reset yourself. Then ask yourself again, how would it feel to be connected? You just keep doing that throughout the day – keep checking in. Then at the end of the day, take stock and see how you experienced connection.’

“Take a moment to breathe. Come back to centre. Reset yourself. Then ask yourself again, how would it feel to be connected?”

Wendy emphasises the importance of recognising the way our desired emotions present themselves in our lives – even if they didn’t present themselves in the exact way we hoped they would. ‘Maybe you didn’t meet the love of your life today,’ she suggests, ‘but you did enjoy a wonderful, supportive conversation with a friend, or you spent time in nature and felt deeply connected to it. Notice that. Honour that.’ Gratitude is one of the quickest methods of accelerating our frequency. ‘Sometimes, what we want isn’t actually what we want,’ Wendy remarks with a smile, ‘because if we got it, we might just say to ourselves, hmmm, no. This isn’t good enough. I need something more. Know that you’re getting exactly what you need in every single moment. The sense of gratitude and appreciation you feel when you notice that will ultimately reinforce your desire to continue emitting that frequency.’ The chaos in our world at present can only go so far before we are pulled back to unity and coherence, according to spiritual guidance that Wendy has received. ‘It’s easy to worry that our planet is going to devolve, but my guides have always told me, no. Things are not going to go that far. Our process of evolution is too important to the Universe to be allowed to fail. There are so many beings who are helping us, guiding us and willing us on. At the same time, we do have to learn our lessons and move through our challenges with grace. Becoming more aware of the frequencies we are holding is one of the best ways to do that.’

Learn more about Wendy and her work at  https://higherfrequencies.net/

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