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Sneak Peek: Leading Liposomes

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Our Winter 2021/22 issue has gone to print. In this issue we look at the fascinating technology that is, Liposomes— dive on in for a sneak peek!

Leading Liposomes 

Setting The Standard

Altrient has pioneered the use of Liposomal Encapsulation Technology in the food supplement industry, utilising this cutting-edge delivery system to achieve vitamin absorption levels never thought possible through an oral preparation. Abundance and Health, distributors of Altrient, are dedicated to educating the industry and consumers about the benefits of true liposomal products and setting industry standards.

Liposomes are clever little phospholipid carrier bubbles with a double layered, parallel set of closed membranes, resembling real cell membranes. Liposomes can encapsulate vitamin C and other nutrients, offering protection from destructive stomach acid and digestive enzymes as they travel through the digestive system. These vitamin-filled liposomes are able to make it, intact, to the small intestine where they get absorbed efficiently into the body’s circulation, moving through the bloodstream and then to the cells.

“Liposomal supplements are a fascinating technology for delivering maximized absorption“

Once it is in circulation it stays there for longer, slowly releasing its nutrient contents over a period of time. Most impressively, when the liposomal vitamin meets another bilayer membrane, i.e. a cell, the two bilayer membranes fuse together and the vitamin is delivered. There are lots of boxes in your health-food store these days with the word liposome on them. Dr Thomas Levy, cardiologist, vitamin C expert and consultant for LivOn Labs, says: “Liposomal supplements are a fascinating technology for delivering maximized absorption, but ‘buyer beware’, there is more fraud in liposomal supplements than in any other type of supplement I have seen. Taking a product that you believe to be liposomal but isn’t deprives people of the absorption benefits of true liposomal vitamin C…Making a high-quality, high-tech, liposomal vitamin C is not a fast, easy, cheap or simple process.”

You can make sure that you are getting the gold standard in liposomes by checking for the following 4 things: 1. Ask to see proof of liposomes in the form of Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) analysis. This is the only way to be able to clearly see and define the bilayer structure of the liposomes. 2. A Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) analysis will not be able to tell you whether a product contains liposomes or not. 3. Look into the manufacturer’s testing procedures and independent clinical trials. 4. Look into the manufacturer’s quality assurance – third party verification. Abundance and Health, the distributors and e-tailers of Altrient and LivOn Labs who make the products have been leading the way in research and formulation of liposomal vitamin supplements, using a patented process, for nearly two decades and take quality very seriously.

They adhere to some of the most demanding quality and safety standards in the industry, to ensure consumers are getting the gold standard in vitamins and that they feel the difference. “We are proud of our scientific heritage and believe in an ethically-led approach to marketing. Our claims are backed by robust scientific evidence and quality testing, including double-blind placebo-controlled trials, which is why we are confident in the quality and efficacy of our supplements.” 

Learn more about Liposomes Technology at abundanceandhealth.com

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