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Forest Bathing

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Forest bathing, the eco-antidote to our tech driven lives. We caught up with Sarah Eva Manson, visual artist and certified forest bather to find out more about the benefits of this practice. Dive on in…

Forest Bathing

Consciously connect to what is around you
by Kate Stuart

Forest bathing is a mindful, meditative practice in the forest, harnessing the power of nature to help ground us and improve our health.

Sarah Eva Manson.

We all know how good we feel when we spend time in nature, combine that with that magical feeling when you are in a flow state while creating and you have Sarah Eva Manson’s forest bathing workshops. Forest bathing or shinrin-yoku originated in Japan in the 1980s,  it means bathing in the forest atmosphere by taking in nature through our senses. The concept of forest bathing is not new, many cultures have long recognized the importance of spending time outdoors to boost immunity and metal health. 

Forest bathing is a practice that encourages people to spend time in nature, not jogging or hiking but simply being. This can be done at any time throughout the year,  actual bathing is optional. This practice isn’t just for folks who spend much of their time in the wilderness, anyone can get involved. Take a break from technology and reconnect to yourself through the healing power of nature. Forest bathing is a space for us to slow down, the practice allows us to use our senses to begin to feel grounded and centered. 

Sarah Eva Manson is a visual artist that uses her skill and expert knowledge to create a bespoke experience for those looking to participate in forest bathing. What can you expect? Sarah begins by holding space for everyone in a welcome circle, where participants can meet, Sarah will share the history of forest bathing, and the plans for the day ahead. 

You will be invited to take part in simple grounding exercise designed to slow the mind, relax the body and connect with nature through the senses. Sarah will guide participants on a leisurely walk in a forest this is not a hike nor meant to be in any way strenuous. Sarah will close the forest bathing experience with a soothing cup of tea and practice of gratitude by expressing what was noticed on the walk.

It’s a perfect way to combat overwhelm, creative block as well as schedule mindfulness into your daily routine.

A note from our publisher Paul Congdon
Saturday morning after a week of ai, phones, laptops and online too muchness, I awoke to the call of the forest. Forest bathing is of Japanese origin and run in Wicklow by Sarah Eva Manson. I arrived and as soon as Sarah began to speak, my overheated system began to slow its pace to Sarah’s soothing vocal tones.

One thing I loved was the invitation to slow our normal pace down by about ten times and my body in its confusion at this change of pace began to send soothing chemicals through my parasympathetic system. Then it was forest time, foraging, making art, meditation and generally tuning into the heartbeat of nature herself really soothed my system even further. At the end we all made a piece of art, in this instance a bookmark, and that added a lovely extra vibe to the experience.

Highly recommended, I’m definitely going again, see you in the forest, and with my latest buzz, full on grounding in my bare feet, as an add on.

Find out more about Sarah and her work here: sarahevamansonart.com/forest-bathing

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