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Unleash Your Inner Goddess

by Alison McEvoy

Our autumn issue is out now. Editor Alison McEvoy caught up with Claire Spink from Goddess Resurrected. Dive on in to find out more…

Unleash Your Inner Goddess

by Alison McEvoy in conversation with Clare Spink

“Clare moves us from the shadows of trauma into the light of full self experience and expression…”

Clare Spink is a woman who has walked so many of the more challenging paths of womanhood and motherhood. She has dedicated her life’s work to women’s empowerment and as she journeys deeper into the land of Feminine Power, her offerings deepen and expand. She truly embodies her life path and purpose in the most generous and powerful of ways:

“Fertility massage…evolved to womb and fertility massage… and stepped into Feminine Empowerment because I realised my courses were much more about empowering women…I have a daughter and I want her to grow up empowered. I kept saying to her, ‘I want you to be empowered’…I think that’s where it came from.”

Clare has taken decades of experience, one-to-one sessions and trainings with hundreds of women to create the ‘Empowered Feminine Therapy Course’. This is a 5-day juicy deep dive into exploring the ways our power gets stuck, entangled and wounded and all the ways in which we can free, untangle, heal, rediscover and reclaim our feminine power, sensuality and creativity.

She moves us from the shadows of trauma into the light of full self experience and expression, using her many and varied tools including trauma-knowledge, embodied dance, rhythmic massage, family constellations, ceremony and energy work.

If a retreat is calling you, the feeling that you deserve more “deep healing, more pleasure, stronger sensuality, enlivened creativity, meaningful connection, wellness and vitality,” then find out more about ‘Goddess Resurrected’, a 5-day journey with Clare and Aia in Tulum, Mexico. Blaze through the darkness of fear, shame, social conditioning and limiting beliefs, surrounded and nurtured by nature, beauty, sisterhood and wise guides.

“It’s really to take women on a deep dive into their shadows… and step through into a central, pleasurable self so they can have a better life experience. This is not woo-woo. Everything I do is science-based but it has a more feminine way of being with it.”

Find out more at: goddessresurrected.com empoweredfeminine.com

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