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Quantum Soul Healing

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Our winter issue is out now. Mark O’Byrne reflects on the incredible power of healing spaces, such as Anam Croí House, a spiritual sanctuary in the West of Ireland. Dive on in to find out more…

Quantum Soul Healing

The new spiritual sanctuary of Anam Croí House

by Mark O’Byrne

We are living in the most beautiful and sacred of times on planet EARTH, as human beings reconnect to the Divine energy of nature and the Universe itself giving way to remembering that we are eternal and loving souls.

Remembering we are Holy Spirits within our blessed, sacred bodies – abundant, peaceful and powerful. Remembering why we are here – to heal ourselves and our beautiful planet, Mother Earth.

People all over Ireland and the planet are stepping into their true source divinity and tuning into the infinite abundance of Mother Earth, Father Sun and Stars, and the Holy Spirit of our glorious Universe. The science of quantum physics and epigenetics is helping us to understand the true power of healing using heart coherence and our energy fields.

People have come together and found each other via the wonders of the internet and technology. They are now again realising the importance of coming together in person and within the community. From digital and artificial intelligence to natural, organic intuitive intelligence.

One heart – One love. Intelligence by itself is useless without heartfelt feelings and transforming our collective consciousness. Higher states of consciousness of peace, love and joy that are made possible when acting with loving service towards each other while living in resourceful and productive Communities.

One such space and model that teaches and encourages living in peace, love and joy is Anam Croí House on the outskirts of Westport in the West of Ireland.

Anam Croí House and sanctuary was lovingly restored during lockdown with a vision to assist people in healing
themselves from disease and trauma through multiple healing modalities, including quantum energy healing and heart-centred coherent energy meditations.

When you arrive, you are warmly invited to leave your phone in the car or turn it off at the door and to take your
shoes off – barefoot grounding being vital to remain coherent. The Irish welcome is warm – both from the team and the space. Visitors feel deeply relaxed – as if they have “just arrived Home”.

There are views of spectacular Croagh Patrick or Cruachán Aigle, the Mountain of Eagles, as our Irish ancestors would have known it, and it’s close to the powerful Atlantic Ocean.

Sacred geometry and healing science went into the design and creation of this sacred sustainable space – both inside and
out. There are beautiful holistic healing rooms and a sacred space for meditation, yoga, vibrational and movement medicine including dance. Outdoors, there are lovely peaceful gardens, a large wood fired sauna, outdoor spring water ice baths and

Sustainability and care for the environment is embraced and the importance of eating home- grown organic
food is seen in its organic vegetable polytunnels and gardens, happy chickens and healthy eggs and happy bees and healthy honey. The house is 70% self-sufficient, powered by renewable solar energy and has backup battery storage.

This healing sanctuary has facilitated recovery for the most broken of souls. Healing from all sorts of horrendous traumas by holding a safe space for their journey from shame, fear and anger to peace, love and joy – as well as hosting dozens of sublime healing retreats including official Dr Joe Dispenza weekends, Shamanic gatherings, breathwork workshops, ice and sound baths, personal empowerment workshops involving firewalks and other soul coaching techniques.

It is a model for individuals to heal, for teams to deepen their bonds and community members to thrive. From flight or fight survival modes to productive, creative, skilled, abundant and joyous states.

Communities are coming together and are co-creating sacred spaces where we reconnect to the frequencies of our touch, light from the Sun and sound found in glorious nature and the Universes.

Our hearts and our clear intentions are the key – the intention of healing the loving, living organism of humanity and planet Earth.


Anam Croí House is opening up this unique and sacred space to Healing Facilitators, Trainers and Lightworkers who would like to run their courses, workshops and events in 2023. Please email info@anamcroi.com for more information or visit anamcroi.com

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