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Health & Nutrition: Cherry Good For You! CherryActive Review

by Patrick

spring-2009_pl_web_page_38_image_0001John Carey, a man who lives and breathes his nutritional cherry juice product, CherryActive, believes it literally cured him of his crippling gout.
John had always enjoyed a healthy, fit lifestyle and, like many young people, took his health very much for granted.  But ten years ago, aged only 28, he woke one day with an excruciating pain in his right toe, which was horribly swollen.
The GP confirmed that John was displaying the classic symptoms of gout. He was forced to shelve his training as a competitive black belt at judo and as a marathon runner, and for the next few years continued to suffer a series of bouts of gout.
Gout is a form of arthritis caused by a build up of uric acid in the blood stream.  It is characterised by excruciating, sudden, unexpected burning pain, as well as swelling, redness, warmth and stiffness in the affected joint.  It occurs more commonly in men in their toes, but can appear in other parts of the body.
John was given prescriptive medicines that he was told to take for the rest of his life.  Conscious that these medicines would have long-term side-effects, especially depression, John relentlessly searched for a more natural solution to manage his condition.
On a business trip to America, John had another attack that left him unable to walk.  A colleague told him about the health properties of Montmorency cherries, only grown in northern US states.  Willing to try anything, John ordered several bottles of the Montmorency cherry juice.  After drinking the juice for a week, the pain in his toes had distinctly receded.  John has continued drinking it ever since and, apart from a few ‘twinges’ in his toes, he has not experienced any more gout attacks.
So delighted was John with his new-found cure, he was anxious to let other fellow sufferers know about it and so changed his career path as a finance and leasing specialist to concentrate on marketing the cherry product from his home in the UK.
Utilising the resources of the farmer in the US whom he has partnered with, John set up CherryActive in January 2006 to spread the word about this amazing fruit.  Made purely from 100% Montmorency cherries, CherryActive is sold as a Concentrate and Capsules.
On-going scientific research studies from the world’s most highly respected research centres is unveiling the powerful, health-promoting qualities of Montmorency cherry compounds, which have a rich source of potent, natural antioxidants that are highly effective in killing the harmful free radicals which occur in the body through the process of oxidation.  Results from these studies suggest that regular consumption of CherryActive may help to maintain:
Healthy joints
Normal uric acid levels
A healthy cardiovascular system
Regular sleep patters
Muscle strength recovery

A recent ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) study measured the antioxidant levels in food and revealed that CherryActive has an amazing ORAC score of 8,260 per 30ml (compared with a ‘normal’ level of 1,790 for fruit and vegetables), equivalent to having 23 portions of fruit and veg a day!
As well as its health-giving properties, the power of the red CherryActive juice drink and capsules is also being recognised as the secret natural ingredient and major contributor to muscle recovery in the sports world, which is a fundamental key to achieving sports competitive success.
For more information visit : www.cherryactive.co.uk

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