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Positively Newsworthy – Spring 2009

by Patrick

A Delicious Deal of a Meal

by Patrick Bridgeman

The team here at Positive Life magazine recently went for a belated Christmas dinner in Oliver‘s Eatery at Vaughans Eagle House, Terenure.  While organising the night out, Paul told me that the restaurant he chose had received a Michelin Star.   This evoked in my mind, images of posh, rich people eating the highest quality food.  On the way there, Paul told me it was in a pub.  This evoked a whole other set of images in my mind.  It wasn‘t until I got there and experienced how these two could combine so perfectly that I realised what a blessing Oliver‘s Eatery truly is.

Recently opened by Olivier Quenet, formerly of Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud and one of the people behind La Maison des Gourmets in Castle Market. He maintains that he is determined to show Irish people that they can eat well from local produce at modest prices (all meat here is sourced from organic butcher, Danny O’Toole, whose premises is just across the road).  The menu features what could be called high quality good old fashioned dishes, which makes perfect sense when you consider indulging in Michelin Star Pub Food.  “Good raw materials being subjected to sensitive, skilled cooking.”

As luck would have it, we were joined by our Graphic Designer Manu’s friend Conrad, Oliver’s right hand chef.  He provided us with great insight into the menu, as well as two free bottles of wine.  Then, after a delicious dinner, when Paul and I set our sights on the Chocolate Fondant, only to be politely told that there were none left, Conrad went so far as to run off to the kitchen and bake us some from scratch.  A memorable and enjoyable night, and with a satisfying food menu ranging in price from €4 to €14.50, anyone and everyone can head along and laugh in the face of the recession!

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spring-2009_pl_web_page_31_image_0001El Sistema Scheme is Music to their Ears

A revolutionary music project developed in Venezuela more than 30 years ago, is now being trialled in Scotland. Maestro José Antonio Abreu’s El Sistema network of youth orchestras has transformed the lives of an estimated quarter of a million underprivileged children living in South America’s barrios. Now, for the first time outside his native country, José Abreu’s methods are being used in the deprived Raploch estate of Stirling.

“The experience in Venezuela is that the structure of the symphony orchestra offers a chance for everyone to play their part, be challenged and learn together,” said Dr Richard Holloway, Chair of Sistema Scotland. “It’s an activity which touches the entire community. Everyone is welcomed, accepted and contributes.”
The power of music and playing as an ensemble, helps children to improve their skills and attainment. It also encourages communities to feel a greater sense of cohesion and mutual respect.

“Both adults and kids work as hard as they can,” said George Anderson, Big Noise orchestra spokesman. “No effort is spared. If any kid wants to play in the orchestra, our music teachers will do their utmost to make it possible for them and to make it fun. In the ‘Take a Musician Home’ project, our teachers will go to a child’s home, take tea and cakes and perform for their family. All our children are really positive and excited by the whole project… They are learning to be good citizens through music.”

Contact: www.makeabignoise.org.uk
and www.inharmonyengland.com
Sistema Scotland’s Big Noise orchestra launch concert.

Songs for Survival

Bruce Parry, star of the groundbreaking BBC series Tribe and Amazon, has teamed up with some of the music world’s biggest names to create a fundraising album for Survival International – the human rights organisation for tribal peoples.

Bruce, who has spent years immersing himself in some of the most remote tribal cultures on our planet, said: “I’ve got so much from my time with tribal people that I really wanted to do something for them in return. So, bringing together this fantastic group of musicians seemed a perfect way of doing just that. It’s been really wonderful to see how they’ve been inspired by some of the incredible tribal music that we’ve recorded.”

Bruce has worked with music producer Martin Terefe on the album, which also features artists such as Will.i.am – Black Eyed Peas, Yusuf Islam, Johnny Borrell – Razorlight, KT Tunstall, Hot Chip and Mike Oldfield. Every track is exclusive and has been written especially.

Songs for Survival is a double album. The first CD, entitled Amazon, features songs inspired by issues affecting tribal people and our planet. The second CD, Tribe, is a collection of dance and experimental songs by the Go! Team, Hot Chip, Blue States, Roger Sanchez and more.

All of the tracks are written around field recordings made by Bruce, when he lived with the indigenous tribes during the making of the series – drumming from Babongo initiation ceremonies in Gabon; war chants from the Kombai of Papua New Guinea; reed playing from the Penan in the rainforests of Borneo and hymns from the island tribe of Anuta, in the Solomon islands.

‘Bruce Parry Presents Amazon Tribe:
Songs for Survival’ – a double album released by Kensaltown Records,
is available from Amazon, price £7.98
All profits go to Survival International
Contact: www.amazon.co.uk

Poznan Climate Change Summit

by David Woollcombe

There were many positives about the Poznan meeting: it was held in a former Soviet era barracks converted into a massive conference area, stimulated by a variety of events, presentations and exhibits. There was a massive hangar devoted to 118 industry exhibits of post-carbon technologies – everything from windmills to a disco where dancers pounding the floor generate electricity! There were also over 300 workshops and presentations about climate change by many of the finest world experts on these issues! In fact, I learnt more about these issues in 2 weeks than any student could from several, expensive 3-year university courses.

2009 has to be a year of mobilization the like of which has never been seen on the planet. Few observing the bleary-eyed bureaucrats walking the halls in Poznan and listening to their hedged-about statements, would disagree with one young commentator: “If the fate of the planet is in the hands of these guys, we may as well not get up in the morning.” But – of course – our fate is not in the hands of those guys. It is in our hands! The Youth Delegation in Poznan led the way: in between their jokey and irreverent Fossil of The Day Award and ‘Yvo da Bear’ video. They got 80 governments to sign up to a defining resolution: “The survival of all countries and all people must be assured!”

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