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On The Mend with Ondamed Therapy. But What is Biofeedback?

by Patrick

istock_000009972198small-cropBy Mary Bruen

As mentioned in Patrick Bridgeman’s interview on The Future of Medicine last issue, The Living Matrix movie puts forward the theory that “the body’s energy field is a major influence in the development of our genes, the growth of our cells and the general working of our immune and other bodily systems.”  The Ondamed™ system incorporates the most important recent scientific discoveries in the field of Medical Energetics.

All matter is made of energy fields that interact with human beings, who are themselves electromagnetic beings and are thus receptive to and fundamentally affected by electromagnetic vibrations or frequencies. With the understanding that disease is caused by energetic imbalances, Ondamed™ explores the whole body, identifying and correcting blockages.

The Ondamed™ system is a pulsed electromagnetic field therapy system using the Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS). The System was invented by the electrical engineer Rolf Binder in Germany in 1993. It is used to detect early stages of disease and elusive pathogens, to locate blocks, to detect layers of pathology and to determine appropriate priority for treatment.

Biofeedback measures skin temperature, skin resistance, muscle tension, brain activity, heart activity and arterial pulse. Biofeedback also allows the patient greater insight to their health status. According to Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief, we can affect our genes using our perception (Epigenetics). Most physiological processes previously thought to be regulated by the autonomic nervous system can be regulated consciously if the processes are brought to the awareness of the patient.

The Ondamed™ Pulsed Electromagnetic Biofeedback therapy facilitates this and encourages patients and practitioners to work together. The Ondamed™ system uses specific frequencies with the appropriate intensities and within the appropriate timeframe as determined by the VAS.

All cells in the body optimize at a specific frequency and communicate with each other through light emissions called photons that are measured in frequencies. A healthy body has around 50 trillion cells vibrating in harmony.  According to Lynn Mc Taggart, author of The Field and The Intention Experiment, “In 50 years time, the idea of using drugs or surgery is probably going to be considered barbaric. We are moving much more towards an understanding of ourselves as being an energetic system.”

In our bodies, our connective tissue, also known as the extra cellular matrix or the living matrix, is our largest and most pervasive organ / system. Our connective tissue connects all cells, tissues and organs, including our tendons, cartilage, bone, ligaments, myofascia, superficial fascia, and even reaches our DNA.

The molecules that control cell behaviour are sensitive to fields. Modern biophysical research has confirmed that tissues respond to very tiny energy fields of the appropriate frequency, intensity and pulse shape. This is exactly what Ondamed™ does. It is both a diagnostic and a treatment system.

The Ondamed™ system has 4 modules

In the first module the patient is confronted by therapeutic frequencies ranging from 1 to 32,000 hertz through a neck applicator. The patient’s biofeedback loop determines the most therapeutic frequencies, their intensities and the precise treatment time for each individual patient. A hand held applicator is used to scan the body to locate the reaction areas which include areas of inflammation, infection, scars or traumatised sites.

Module 2 presents preset programs to the body and, using VAS, the most necessary programs are prioritised. Module 3 focuses on micro-organisms such as parasites, viruses, fungi, bacteria etc. Then the last module deals with nutritional issues.

Ondamed™ is a non-invasive system with no known side effects. It is unique in that it allows diagnoses and treatment simultaneously. Each treatment is unique to each individual at every session. The underlying dysfunction of the patients symptoms are identified with the help of the pulse biofeedback.

Instead of labelling a dysfunction with a diagnostic name, Ondamed™ allows the practitioner and patient to go right into treatment mode to effectively regenerate body function.

Ondamed™ provides a therapeutic solution for a wide variety of health disorders – treating the patient and not the disease. Clinical applications include: Pain management, Surgical recovery, Wound healing, Stress management, Sleep patterns, Inflammation, Improved immunity, Metabolic function, Addictions, Anti-aging and Wellness treatments.

Ondamed™ also acts as a stimulus for internal relaxation, improves complexion and reduces signs of aging. It reduces toxins and the waste stored in tissue, and facilitates improved metabolic function. It improves sleep, mood, energy and mental focus.

Ondamed™ is now being used in Ireland by Aine Delany in Galway: call 0877965070 or visit www.acupuncturegalway.com

And also in Dublin at Libra Natural Health: call 0868236008 or visit www.libranaturalhealth.com

For further information on the Ondamed™ system, go to www.ondamed.net

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