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The Wynne and Thorp Technique

by Patrick

janine-damien-1-cropBy Damien Wynne and Janine Thorp

The Wynne and Thorp Technique is an exciting new means of healing that can access information and knowledge at levels that have up until now been out of reach for most of us here on Earth. This technique can shift consciousness and reality, and helps people to clear blocks that are knocking them off their true path, and to reach and bring in their full potential here on Earth.

Damien Wynne and Janine Thorp first began channelling together about 5 years ago in Ireland, making channelled essences and developing the skills for grounding high vibration energies and making those energies available to both themselves and to others. As they worked with many different and highly evolved intelligences, they were taught how to clear their channels to allow a broader band of high vibration energy to assist here on Earth, and were also taught points of access in the body so that these intelligences can work with other people to help them to become clear and to fulfil the dream their soul had when it decided to come to Earth as a soul with a physical body. These teachings formed a unique and highly intelligent method that works beautifully and efficiently with both individuals and groups, and can be taught and passed on to those who would like to work with it and are connected with the energy.

These points are located on all parts of the body, each one holding the connection for specific energy to shift within the energy-field of the recipient. Such as, on the head there are points that give access to cellular memory, and to the DNA that holds the blueprint for thought patterns, family emotional patterns and physical weaknesses and strengths. There are also points near the eyes for clearing one’s vision and for clearing blocks around seeing on every level. On the chest are access points to deep clearing around heart issues. Even issues that are tucked away and well hidden can be released and cleared, leaving room for more heart-based relationships to come into the person’s life.

At the feet, information is held relating to the entire life of the client. Blocks from the genetic history of the parents, and from conception and until the present day can be let go of, significantly freeing up the energy that is available to them, allowing them to move forward and to be more free to live their life according to how they chose, rather than it being dictated by the past. Energy from the soul can be assisted to ground by other points at the feet. Patterns of abuse and self harm are locked into structures within the field of energy, and can be cleared by working with points on the back and on the stomach. Other people’s energies that have been accepted as one’s own can also be easily released, and healing around the reasons why they were accepted in the first place can come in, empowering the person to stand more fully in their space, owning their own energy and vitality. By working with points on the hands, relationships with people, family, money, health and basically every area of life can be cleared so that relationships with these areas can in future be positive and life-enhancing. Past-life healing and healing of experiences in other dimensions can also significantly help free a person to be centred within their own energy.

Clearing our energy so powerfully in this way has a significant effect on more than just ourselves – our whole world can change. This positive energy spreads out into our families, into our homes and our work, and out into the world all around us. Those who have worked with this technique are being asked what they have been doing to make such a difference. What they have done is to reach up, bring in their true energy, and then grab the opportunities that have been presenting themselves more and more clearly and more and more frequently. With their blocks dissolving, they can flow through life with so much more lightness and ease, able to manifest and create the life that is theirs for the choosing.

Universe Intelligences created this technique, and as we work with it and clear ourselves, we become more attuned to the flow of Universal energies, and able to stay in our centre as we move through the shifts and expansions that are happening with ever greater speed and intensity. We can ground light and information from the Universe via our soul, making our evolution and the evolution of the world, a much more smooth and beautiful experience.

Janine and Damien hold channelled workshops for clearing and for teaching, as well as working with individuals. They have been working in Europe and will be bringing the technique worldwide. For further information, please visit www.wynneandthorptechnique.com

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