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Rest for Radiance

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Rest for Radiance
By Mary Berkery

This summer and autumn, new directions opened to me as a wellness coach. I followed my dream of many years to study equine-assisted learning, which took me to the USA for over four months, working and studying in this methodology. It was a wonderful and rich experience. So, for those who know me as the living beauty expert, I now share another aspect. I will integrate this work I do with horses, allowing them, whenever possible, to facilitate transformation in my coaching and retreat work.

After the expansion and excitement of summer and autumn, I want things in life to happen now. Yet, in my daily quiet time, the wisdom within says, “”Rest and allow this deeper life expression to unfold.” Rather than push it with goals and tasks, which is normal for me, I need to let it be, allowing the new year and spring to put voice to it in a clear way. This brings me to the point that I want to get to for this winter issue – how to rest.

What does rest mean? Particularly, what does it mean in winter time?

Last winter, I wrote an article titled ‘Less is More in Winter’ for Positive Life. The theme also applies this winter, for me and perhaps for us all. A good educator is said to repeat themselves often until one gets it!

We live in a world where everything is fast. There’s instant contact with others through text, email and telephones. Cars, aeroplanes, etc., move us from A to B rapidly. TV with news and conversation coming fast. Foods prepared quickly. Beverages like coffee and sodas speeding up body functions to an almost constant state of movement and excitement.

To drop inside oneself, to find or feel our own natural slower rhythm can be difficult. More than any other season, winter is the time to consciously be more within, to rest, to be, to allow our bodies to replenish and our souls to reflect.

So, what does rest mean? I believe it means much more that just physically resting, although that is important. For me, it means resting the mind. To be able to stop the inner clatter, to look at a sunset or a tree and look at it without the mind racing ahead or worrying.

Stop rushing. Our society seems to encourage responses such as, ‘I’m busy. No time right now.’ I have a dear wise friend, a renowned body rolfer. He has made a commitment not to rush when talking, walking or doing, and is a joy to be with. Another way that helps me pace myself is to run my day through before living it; see if there is space and time or if I’ll be running from one task to the next.

Jennifer Thomson of Raw Food Bliss says, “Sleep well and early. Sleep may be the single most important thing we can do to help our immune system.” It truly does allow the nervous system to relax. Sleep more in winter and watch less TV. Since the return from my travels, I have not watched any TV.

Do one task at a time. This is difficult with Christmas looming. So, how about keeping your mind on the task that you are doing, rather than thinking about and planning another? Complete a task when you start it. This is challenging for me and I am committing to this as a practice.

I have not given obvious vitality or beauty tips. However, when we can find this inner rest, mental calm and innate rhythm, we connect to a self that maintains health and emanates a glow that makes others feel at ease in our company. So, rest within well…

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