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Finding Your True Inner Manliness with ManKind Projects, by Jonno Kinsella

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ManKind Prokects MKP

Finding Your True Inner Manliness

By Jonno Kinsella

ManKind Prokects MKP

EmpowerMENt and BetterMENt

An amazing phenomenon is rising in Ireland these days. Many great men’s organisations are springing up with the goal of the empowerment and betterment of men, men’s health, stability and maturity.

One such organisation is The ManKind Project (MKP), who host an initiatory experience called the New Warrior Training Adventure once a year, and maintain circles for self-exploration and healing throughout the year. MKP responds to our current system’s failure to effectively prevent many issues related to men in our culture and sets about “Changing the world, one man at a time” with their initiation and subsequent support within their circles. They’ve been building a community in Ireland since 2004 and are enjoying an upsurge of activity now.

In MKP culture, men practice expressing emotions, communicating, resolving conflict, deep introspection, having a purpose and creating healthy relationships. It provides an opportunity and space to gain an understanding of a healthy male role in society, and of male sexuality. Men attend and reclaim integrity and accountability. Best of all, they may enter enduring, fully autonomous communities of men and gain the support to live the skills listed above; and an abiding, accessible forum to tell their Truth.

There are MKP Men’s groups in Dublin, Belfast and Galway and an introductory, initiatory training weekend will take place this October in County Clare, along with preparing the ground for new groups in Cork and elsewhere.


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