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Retreats In Ireland – 5 Day Body Cleanse At Lana Foy

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mind body spirit breaks Ireland

Give your health a new lease of life in the beautiful surroundings of Lana Foy holistic retreat centre. The centre is located on the slopes of Slieve Foy in the Cooley Mountains with sweeping views over Carlingford Lough and the Mournes.

mind body spirit breaks Ireland

Retreat dates 2013:
26th April-01st May
16th-21st August
08th-13th November

Pollution and purification are cycles in life as natural as inhalation and exhalation. The human body has its own in-built purification system to deal with the natural pollution produced by metabolism, digestion, respiration and so on, however we are not designed to deal with the health effects of the enormous toxic overload we place upon our cells and tissues through poor dietary habits, environmental pollution, chemical additives in our food, water, air and cleaning products etc.

At Lana Foy, Body Cleanse Retreats are designed to assist and enhance your bodys self-cleansing mechanisms so that your in-built purification system is always a step ahead of pollution.

Our purification/cleanse programme includes healthy vegetarian meals, a 3-day mineral rich organic juice fast, herbal infusions and supplementation to remove toxins and enhance cellular renewal, working with restorative yoga and the breath to recharge the body and deepen the healing process, all in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Rates: €525
Early bird rates for those who book and pay before March 26th €495. Payment installments can be arranged.

For further details visit www.lanafoyretreat.com

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