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The Tooth-Body Connection, Evelien Van Amerongen

by Patrick
dental reflexology

A full body smile

Ever seen a reflexology chart or an iridology chart? If so, it should come as no surprise that there are also points within our jawbones – at specific tooth sites – that correspond to areas of the entire body.

dental reflexology

One of the fundamental concepts of biological dentistry, practiced at the ISHSKO CENTRE, is the awareness of the relationships between the teeth, gums and other oral tissues and the rest of the body. On one level, this is just common sense – after all, your mouth is physically connected to the rest of you. Yet, even today, many dentists continue to treat the mouth in isolation, as if what happens there has no impact on the rest of the body. Happily though, many more are finally beginning to appreciate the relationships between oral health and systemic health – for instance, the connections between gum disease and heart disease.

But there is a deeper relationship, as well, and it stems from the influence of Traditional Chinese Medicine and its concept of the body’s meridians.

Generally speaking, these are the channels along which Qi /Chi (psychophysical energy) flows through the body. Each meridian runs through any number of body structures and organs. If there are blockages or disruptions in any given meridian, dysfunction can occur in any organ or structure located on that meridian. By treating the mouth, with that in mind, we can help the whole body.


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