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Ayurveda, The Oldest Health Tradition. Noel O’Neill

by Patrick
monkstown, Ireland

It is fascinating to see how relevant the ancient tradition of Ayurveda is nowadays.  So, it is no wonder that it is promoted by the World Health Organisation.

monkstown, Ireland

What makes it so interesting is the way it describes different types of people.  Knowing your own body type, you can make better health choices. Vata types are light in build, quick thinking, sensitive, always on the go and dislike the cold. Pitta types are moderate in size, driven, perfectionist and may be red haired with freckles.  Kapha types are slow, easy going, strong and compassionate.

Different routines, lifestyles and diets suit different types. Knowing what suits allows you to choose an appropriate healing regime. For example, the anxious vata type needs an early bed and a good lunch.  Whilst a depressed kapha needs to get up early and have some exercise. It is different strokes for different folks.

Ayurveda uses many different ways of healing. These include lifestyle, diet, recreation, herbs, yoga and Transcendental Meditation. The beauty of Ayurveda is that it can be used at the same time as medicine. Doctors treat disease whilst Ayurveda helps the patient to heal.

Dr Donn Brennan was one of the first western doctors to study this tradition in India in the 1980s, and he is the founding president of the Ayurveda Practitioners Association in Britain. He now runs his practice out of Monkstown, Dublin.



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