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Short & Sweet – Herbal Teas & Health Tinctures, with Dr. Dilis Clare

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Dilis Clare

Herbal Teas & Health Tinctures

By Dr. Dilis Clare

Dilis Clare

Sharing the secrets of herbs for health

Meeting new people, the question I’m most frequently asked is why I became a herbalist after years in general practice. There are several answers, but the reason I continue to practice herbal medicine is because of the power of herbs to treat the discomforts of illnesses commonly affecting people.

Herbs are both symptom relieving and healing. For example, if you suffer from IBS, you want to feel less discomfort and have more energy, you want to maintain a sense of well-being and avoid recurrence when life gets stressful again.

Herbal teas are particularly useful for treating and maintaining comfort and supporting normal digestive processes. Used over several months they can consolidate the healing effects. I use tinctures (herbs preserved and extracted in dilute alcohol) combined with  teas for the initial treatment and for flare-ups of distressing symptoms.

In my clinic in Galway, I encourage patients research the herbs I prescribe. The clinic was always intended to make herbs available to people and to share the medicinal benefits of herbs and how to use them. A wide range of herbs are available individually along with blends formulated for those happy to follow traditional combinations recommended for various health issues and discomforts.

Visit our website for useful leaflets and articles. You will also see a short film on making and using herb teas as part of your daily routine.

Dr. Dilis Clare MBBCh, DRCOG, BSc (Herbal Medicine), IIMH



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