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Reactivate Your Health – A New Irish Supplement for Youthful Energy, By Elva Carri

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Irish supplement

Reactivate Your Health

By Elva Carri

Irish supplement

Supplement your youthful energy.

According to the creators of Revive Active, they’re already seeing a 65% retention rate for online sales of the Irish made supplement and getting rave reviews from users and advocates, including Dr. Dilis Clare of Health & Herbs, Galway and Erina MacSweeney of Irish Heart Health.

The water soluble supplement contains 26 active ingredients. It has no artificial flavourings or colourings and they’ve used stevia as a sweetener. What makes it unique, is the high importance they’ve placed on the quality and sourcing of the ingredients – the creators of the supplement refuse to compromise here, because they know that’s what’s going to benefit the people taking it.

The combinations of ingredients will increase energy levels, slow down the ageing process, promote bone density and generate healthy blood flow. And it doesn’t just come highly recommended by those who’ve experienced the benefits; it’s all based on proven scientific pairings and formulas. The product is unique in the levels of L-arginine and L-Citrulline it contains, boasting higher levels than any other product.

One of Dr. Dillis Clare’s patients was on two blood pressure tablets a day when he came to see her and was already doing a lot of things right in terms of diet and exercise. Now he’s on two Revive Actives a day and only one blood pressure tablet on alternate days, with less side effects, better energy and an improved quality of life.


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