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The Perfect Getaway, Godpods in Glenstall – Refresh Your Spirit in Nature

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Godpods in Glenstal

Godpods Glenstal

Refresh your spirit in nature

In this busy world, more than ever, it’s important to find respite. We need to step out, to find time for ourselves in a quiet, undemanding, supportive setting, away from everything and everyone. “Where to go?”, is the question and Glenstal Abbey is the answer for many people. People come from all over to find calm, peace and solitude attending the daily liturgies and enjoying the quiet and deeply spiritual environment of this beautiful Benedictine monastery.

Glenstal Abbey, situated on a 400 acre parkland estate in County Limerick, offers two very special options for people who wish to retreat from the world. Choose from a stay in its beautiful twelve-bedroom guesthouse with all meals provided, or the more recent additional option of the ‘Godpods’. These two hermitages are set apart from the rest of the abbey and nestled into a wooded hillside, overlooking pastures, tree lines and mountains.

writers retreats

Since February 2012, these secluded hermitages have provided respite for poets, writers, care workers, clergy and others who wish for complete and uninterrupted solitude. The self-catering units are fully furnished with cooking facilities, en suite bathroom, wood stove, and a comfortable chair from which to sit and read, write, or gaze across meadowlands and mountains.


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