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The Wonder Plant – Producing the Juice, by Elva Carri

by Elva Carri

Hemp juice Ireland

By Elva Carri

Hemp juice is being championed as ‘superfood’ by Dr. William Courtney among others for a number of clinical reasons but health benefits reported have been so impressive that many see it almost more as a medicine than a food. While the oil of the plant is one of the purest forms we can take it in, it’s not legal in Ireland. However, we are one of the few countries producing an incredibly potent juice from it. This is legal and doesn’t have any of the effects of smoking the plant.

Marcus McCabe and Kate Mullaney had 13 years experience growing hemp for the ecological building trade before deciding to supply it as a juice product. They also both came to it with personal experience with the use of raw foods, juicing and teacher training qualifications for Living Foods. When exciting information about the use of fresh hemp juices as a health food emerged from studies in the US and Europe, they felt well placed to create an ethical hemp product for the natural health market. Unlike other companies, their brand, ‘Kama Hemp Juice’ operates as both grower and processor; meaning they can keep an eye on the entire process and get to keep costs lower. The product is sold frozen in ready-to-use cubes and shipped through a frozen supply chain to keep all the goodness in tip top shape for when it reaches you.

I asked Kate about her personal experience with it and effects on her health. “Over 20 years ago I broke my knee and tore ligaments in the same knee some time later. So in the past 10 years, these injuries have come against me. Since drinking the hemp juice, there has been no swelling and the joint is much more stable which has given me the opportunity to build up the strength and get back to walking and cycling.” Many people also report sleeping better.


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