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By Aoife Calnan

People spend a lot of time and money these days looking after their health. Mostly we are concerned about what we put into our bodies and try to eat a healthy nutritious diet of fresh, natural and organic foods. But we should also give thought to what we put on our bodies and how this can affect our health.

On average, women absorb 2kg of chemicals from personal care products in one year. Up to 60% of anything applied to the skin is absorbed into the body. So, it makes sense that the products we put on our skin should be as natural and organic as the food we put in our mouths.

There are now a huge number of companies producing fabulous alternatives to all the conventional lotions and potions on the market. From eczema and psoriasis to teenage acne and rosacea, there is a product to suit every skin type and problem.

The reason these products work is that the companies producing them follow strict guidelines and only use ingredients of the highest quality. Every single ingredient is chosen with care for its nourishing effects. Some companies, such as German based Dr. Haushka and Weleda, go so far as to produce most of their ingredients to the same high standards as those they put into the homeopathic and anthroposophical medicines they make in the same facility. A vast majority of the herbs and plants used are grown on the company farms using biodynamic or organic means. Those not grown on site are ethically sourced.

At the core of their products is the nurturing and healing benefits of the rose. They use various extracts of this precious plant from the wax to the oil to the fine water that comes from a very delicate distilling process. This means that you are being provided with much more than rich skin care – the circulation and metabolic activity of the body is stimulated along with the defence system of the skin, resulting in the skin protecting itself. A truly holistic beauty regime!

The things that strike most people about natural skincare the first time they try it are the wonderful silky textures of the creams and oils and the fresh, sensuous and uplifting fragrances. There is something very wholesome about the aroma of fresh lavender, exotic coconut or zesty lemon on the skin. It awakens the senses and fills the mind with images of purple fields in Provence, white sands and palm trees and sun kissed lemon groves on Spanish hills.

A company that knows all about the power of natural fragrances is another German company called Lavera. They have a beauty regime to suit all skin types, full of gorgeous aromas. You just have to sample them and find your favourite to suit your mood, your personality or how you want to feel. They also have a full range of make-up that is suitable for even the most sensitive skin and is available in co-ordinated natural colours. This is very good news as many women suffer from sensitivities to conventional make up. It is also comforting to know that while your skin looks flawless on the surface, the deeper levels are being repaired and renewed to create a flawless complexion even when the make up comes off.

All this natural pampering makes us look and feel good on the outside but we have the added bonus of feeling good on the inside knowing that the products we are using are causing little impact on the environment. With all the ingredients being ethical, packaged in recycled and recyclable containers and also being biodegradable, they’re helping us do our bit for the future of the planet.

So, if you want this feel good factor in you life, drop into your local health food store and try out some of the fabulous beauty products they have to offer. For one of the widest selections available look no further than Evergreen Healthfoods in Galway. They have all the above-mentioned brands plus many more and friendly, knowledgeable staff to help you choose the perfect beauty regime for you.

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