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James Van Praagh – Upcoming Workshop & Competition for a Free Private Reading

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James Van Praagh, Spiritual Teacher & Psychic, Workshop in Dublin

August 10-14, 2015
James Van Praagh returns to Dublin for an intimate five-day workshop. The renowned psychic, medium and spiritual teacher will take a few days off from Television, Film and Radio to teach students to enhance their psychic and intuitive connection with the Spirit world, and tap into the wisdom of their souls. James is well known for his fun, charisma, charm and energy.

In the course you will:

  • Learn how to blend and communicate with the spirit world
  • Practice visualizations, soul regressions, and sacred meditations to bring your soul to a state of receptivity
  • Connect and set up an ongoing working relationship with your spirit guides
  • Heal past traumas and create forgiveness within yourself.
  • Learn to build and maintain your unique personal power for all areas of need.
  • Receive the tools you need to start your career as a psychic or medium and undertake public demonstrations, philosophical talks and private sittings

After five days dedicated to your soul journey you’ll return home with a stronger connection to the spirit world, a fuller awareness that there is no death, and a deeper sense of how spirit works with you on a daily basis to bring forth light and healing to all who encounter you.


James no longer does private readings, so this is a unique opportunity for a lucky student.
Sign up now to a Celebration of Spirit in Dublin, Ireland, and you could win a free 1/2 hour private Skype session with James Van Praagh. The winner will be announced during the workshop and you must be registered to win. James will schedule the session after his workshop so he can focus on the messages that come through from Spirit and loved ones.

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