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Short & Sweet: Take Back Your Power – Diet Versus Mindset

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By Caoimhe Harrison

We’ve all been there, trying every diet under the sun. So it begs the question – do diets work?

It seems the only thing they are successful at is making people feel like failures when they can’t stick to them or the weight creeps back on and once again we are back in search of the new and latest diet. We are constantly weighing ourselves and allowing that number to determine our self worth. Yet on some level, we inherently know it’s madness giving so much power to this number.

If we stop for a second and think how much better would my mood be today if I hadn’t weighed myself? The answer is: no feelings of self-guilt or shame. The flipside of course is that if we see the ‘magic number’ we are hoping for we are elated. However this feeling of delight is very short lived as that number has the power to relentlessly take the wind from our sails at any moment should it increase even slightly.

When will we stop looking for the answer where it isn’t? I invite you to consider stopping this number from deciding your self worth. Regardless of how many times you have given it away – take back your power now. Taste the liberation!

Look around you at the people who profess having the perfect number. Are they blissfully happy with perfect lives? For a permanent change, you must address the cause not the symptom. The cause is your mindset. Start today.

Caoimhe Harrison is a Master Practitioner for eating disorders and all food, body and weight issues.


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