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Spring Vibes – Elevating Events, Healing Help and Great Treats to Try

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“In Springtime, Love is carried on the breeze. Watch out for flying passion or kisses whizzing by your head.”
– Terri Guillemets

Healing Help

A Healing Mat
The Bio Amethyst V-Mat offers a simple treatment for pain relief, from muscle tension to headaches. For thousands of years it was believed that amethyst could amplify energy and was often used by healers. This is combined with today’s knowledge on infra red light, to blend ancient and modern healing techniques to soothe those aches.

Bodywork for Balance 
Rolfing is not to be confused with ROFLing (rolling on the floor laughing, for those of you not accustomed to textspeak), but it may leave you just as happy. The practice involves hands on, deeptissue bodywork to release injuries and bring the body back to a state of ease.

Retreat for Peace
Time to Unplug, 10-12 June, Westmeath
A healthy mind is a vitally important part of a healthy body, and it’s important to  know how to switch off and power down to peacefulness. Want to Unplug without ditching the phone forever? Check out UnPlug’s next retreat.

Soul Adventures
8 May, Carlow
The Vibrate At Your Highest Frequency retreat will run in Kilkenny this May and combines Kundalini Yoga, Gong Meditations, shamanic practices and energy healing to facilitate your reconnection to bliss. Facilitated by Trish Whelan, coming home from Ibiza especially for you.

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Lomi Lomi Healing
10-16 & 18-24 June, Leitrim
Experience a new paradigm of healing through Lomi Lomi Nui Retreats with Jody Mountain. She gracefully combines Sacred Dance, Ho’oponopono and Transformational Bodywork to awaken our cellular consciousness and improve the ability to navigate life.

Bringing Yoga & Hope
November, India
HOPE is an organisation dedicated to the protection of street children and the most underprivileged in India. In November, they’re hosting a yoga trip to bring mindfulness and yoga practice to the lives of these kids. Get involved or pass on word to someone else who might.

Christian Mindfulness
3-8 June, Donegal
Ards Friary offer a variety of retreats to bring spirituality back into your life, including a Christian Mindfulness Retreat this June, run by Brother Richard Hendrick who has taught contemplative prayer for the past 20 years in prisons, hospitals, schools and universities, both as a chaplain and lecturer.

Elevating Events

Ajeet Kaur Experience
14 & 15 May, Dublin & Cork
Ajeet Kaur will visit the Waterways Visitors Centre in Dublin Saturday, 14th May for a Kundalini yoga workshop along with a sacred music concert. If you miss her in Dublin, you can also catch her workshop and concert the following day in Cork’s Metropole Hotel.

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Liberating Through Sound
7 April, Dublin
Healer Githa Ben David joins us at The Buddha Bag Meeting this April. She’ll introduce us to her practice, ‘ The Note from Heaven’, a sacred, simple healing tool for liberating your true voice and reconnecting to your higher Self through sound and resonance.

Mother Meera in Ireland
22-23 March, Kildare (past event)
Mother Meera, believed by many to be an embodiment of the Divine Mother, will return to Ireland this March 22 and 23 to bestow blessings through her Darshan. The event is free and freeing but make sure to register.

Treats to Try

One Small Change
Nua Naturals are all about making our personal wellbeing easy, by taking it one small change at a time. Try replacing one of those coffees in your daily routine with a matcha latte. They even have vanilla and cacao flavours!

Spring Tonic
We make it our business to test run lots of products and we have to let you know what amazing tonics Zell Oxygen Plus and Immunokomplex are. Get them into your system for a spring boost.

Beauty essentials

Win a Deluxe Dr.Hauschka Treatment
Tara O’Rourke at ‘Saol Beo’ in the Dublin Holistic Centre is offering one of our readers a chance to experience the Dr.Hauschka 90 min Deluxe Treatment, quoted by The Irish Times as one of ‘the year’s best salon treatments’. To enter, simply let them know why you deserve this treat in 20 words or less.
hello@saolbeo.ie | saolbeo.ie

Delicious Probiotics
I have found that getting more probiotics into my system is brilliant for my health and see the effects really quickly. So it’s lovely to see the increasing ranges of options available. Instead of knocking back another supplement, give your taste buds the treat of kefir smoothies and drinks. Going dairy free? They also stock coconut milk kefir! Nifty!
biotifuldairy.com | rhythmhealth.co.uk

Vegan Soaps
We’re about to make your dreams of vegan soaps and natural tooth whitening a reality. Yousaf Soaps are producing the most amazing all-natural soaps alongside incredible products like tooth powder, made from turmeric, bentonite clay, sodium bicarb, clove and peppermint oil to whiten teeth naturally and leave you smiling.

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