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Spring 2016 Sneak Peek: Tantra Moments by Dawn Cartwright

by Dawn Cartwright

This is a sneak peek from our spring 2016 issue, out now. Pick one up free in one of our stockists around the country to read the full article, or subscribe to have it delivered.

Positive Tantra: Open up to Intimacy

Relationship with passionate affection

By Dawn Cartwright

If you’re new to Tantric ideas and practices, these simple, beautiful moments of tantra are perfect to open you to the extraordinary depths of experience and connection that tantra has to offer, a connection to yourself, the world and to others.

But whether you’re just beginning, or you’ve been exploring Tantra for many years, you’ll find these moments can bring intimacy in ways you might never have imagined. You’ll cultivate a steady sense of who you are, you’ll align with what is meaningful to you and you’ll experience a freedom to be and express as the person you truly are. Through the practice, you’ll experience a natural way of being that is sensual and blissful. This series of Tantra Moments are techniques you can practice here and now, and I will continue to bring you more throughout the year. No partner is needed. No special abilities are required. Only you, just as you are.

This is just a sneak peek. Read the whole series of Tantra moments in the spring issue. Stockists | Subscribe

Upcoming Spring Events with Dawn

  • April 13th (Wednesday): Special Buddha Bag Meeting: Discover the True Potential of Sex. Dawn is on her way back to the Buddha Bag for an experimental evening of intimate discovery. Having just returned from a pilgrimage to India, Dawn will share the rare and beautiful Tantric practices she learned during her time there. More info here
  • April 14th – 15th: Women’s Sacred Sexuality: The Red Tent. A wonderful workshop to nurture yourselves, learn sacred sexuality practices, enjoy nourishment and take space to allow yourselves to simply be. More info here
  • April 15th – 17th: Workshop Sacred Sexuality: How we love. In a beautiful private retreat in the wilds of the Wicklow mountains, you’ll learn the many mysteries of Tantra, a path of the heart. More info here

Dawn Cartwright is a Tantric visionary, sacred writer and innovator in bio-energetic Tantra fusion.

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