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Positive Nights Schedule: The next 4 Positive Weeks!

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Hi again Positive Nights Audience! We want to bring you a sneak peek of the next four weeks of guests and surprises at Positive Nights! Read our schedule below and get excited!

July 6th

Sacred Geometry

Shiny floral mandala on sunset blurred background

This evening we will welcome Michael Rice to our stage.  As a Holistic architect, Michael has established his own environmentally sensitive design practice. He has spent the past 18 years studying Feng Shui, Sacred Geometry, Space Clearing, Divining, Martial Arts and Natural Healing. He teaches throughout Ireland, Europe and America and aims to pass on his breathtaking knowledge to be used for design purposes and for personal and global spiritual growth. More info coming soon! academysacredgeometry.com

July 13th

Patricia Lohan

Patricia Lohan

It’s time to rewrite your own life and prosperity on your own terms. On this evening we welcome Feng Shui Expert Patricia Lohan who is flying back to Ireland from her new home in Bali to show you how! Click here to get your tickets!

July 20th

Shamanism in Ireland: A Talk with Martin Duffy

martin duffy image Positive NightsShamanism is the oldest spiritual and healing practice on the planet dating back 50,000 years. This tradition has grown out of humanity’s experience of evolving out of the earth and our intimate connections to our mother.  Paul welcomes this evening the founder of the Irish Centre for Shamanic Studies, Martin Duffy. Click here to learn more!

July 27th

A Talk with Peia Luzzi

Peia Luzzi Positive Nights

Tonight we will welcome Peia Luzzi, who as a song preserver has gathered songs from ancient traditions that span across the globe, from the mountains of Bulgaria to the shores of Ireland, touching upon the wisdom and trials of the Native peoples of North and South America; and preserving the enchantment of medieval chant and Indian Raga. She has travelled extensively to uncover melodies wrinkled and wise with time, labouring faithfully to revive their language, stories and original essence. More info coming soon! peiasong.com

August 31st

John Lockey

Leopard dude John Lockey

A very interesting evening. John lockey is the Author of the upcoming book Leopard Warrior, he is a fully initiated sangoma (healer & shaman) in the Xhosa lineage of South Africa. His remarkable journey through the constrains of Apartheid is a testament to the human spirit, and to the power of frogiveness and reconciliation. click here to learn more and get your tickets!

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