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Summer Issue 2017 Short & Sweet: Tuning in to Our Menstrual Cycle

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By Katherine Clements

Recently, the public conversation around periods has thankfully been changing, gaining new ground from tampon tax debates worldwide to Olympic medallist Fu Yuanhui’s comments about her period’s impact on her performance. At the forefront of this growing willingness to attend to the realities of our cycles, psychotherapist Alexandra Pope has been calling us to listen to their intimate message for many years. “Our menstrual suffering – so often passed off as ‘normal’ – is neither normal, nor our lot,” she says. “The menstrual cycle is the stress sensitive system in women. When we experience distressing symptoms, it’s a signal to attend to our overall health and place in the world.”

The very act of observing the menstrual cycle, and how you feel throughout its different stages, can help you become more authentically embodied and present. As we grow to act in alignment with the inner promptings of this innate personal coach – urging us towards space, creativity, rest or productivity – we may also find greater empowerment and relief. Charting our cycle using a period tracking or Fertility Awareness Method can support us in tuning in to our rhythms.

The Mooncup® menstrual cup also aims to assist this process by respecting the vagina’s natural balance, in contrast with other products that can cause vaginal dryness or leave fibres behind. Mooncup® users worldwide praise it for helping them to tune in to their menstrual cycles and reconnect with their bodies.


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