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Autumn Vibes 2017: The Best Events, Products, and Courses to Check Out This Season

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Here is our action-packed Autumn Vibes section from our new Autumn 2017 issue, available in our stockists across the country now. You can also subscribe to receive this magazine – and the next three for the year ahead – direct to your door.

Autumn Vibes 2017: The Best Events, Products, and Courses to Check Out This Season

By Alison McEvoy

“In the deep fall, don’t you imagine the leaves think how comfortable it will be to touch the earth instead of the nothingness of air” – Mary Oliver


Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Vibes

Affectionately known as the Queen of Massage, a Lomi Lomi massage is an experience like no other. Soothing emotional aches, liquefying physical pain and subduing mental whirlwinds, Lomi Lomi massage is a dance of healing, loving touch shared in the spirit of Aloha – an indescribable essence of love, acceptance and compassion. Louise Kleu, pioneer of Hawaiian healing in Ireland, has taught individuals all over the country who share this beautiful healing work. Find a Lomi Lomi practitioner near you on Louise’s website.


Time for Me

For a break from the bustle and strain, whisk yourself away to Time For Me Holistic Centre in Dublin 2, an undiscovered gem of quiet and calm, offering a variety of Lomi Lomi massage, energy healing and therapy trainings. Full of homely touches and beautiful décor, you will feel instantly relaxed and at ease in the hands of owner Geraldine and her team of therapists.


Health & Lifestyle Oracle

The Helo wristband boasts a range of amazing features, performs health checks, emits negative ions reducing the effect of electronics on the body’s systems, incorporates the use of mineral stones to improve mood and has a built in panic button which sends for help. Families with aging parents, children or spouses with health issues could really benefit from this ingenious technology.


Be Free

Brian Healy offers a unique approach to quitting the urge to smoke. As with any addiction, it’s all about the urge, the emotional gain, that keeps the habit in motion. Together with Brian, you discover the why that lies behind the habit and set about addressing your emotional needs in a healthier way which releases you from dependency and sets you free.


Instantly Boiled Water

This Dutch designed Quooker boiling water tap, in the making since the 1970s, supplies boiling water direct from your sink. Inventor Henri Peteri spent decades developing his model and, after many near misses and failures, now presents a product which promises high tech energy saving, economy, and the end to the era of ‘waiting for the kettle to boil’.



Positive Nights

As the leaves fall and the temperatures drop, join us for some heartwarming, spirited and soulful conversation over the coming weeks as we feature guests such as Tantric visionary Dawn Cartwright, Breatharian Sofia Waapita Ra and musician of Hothouse Flowers fame, Liam O’Maonlai.


Wellbeing Festival

Mind-Body-Spirit Dublin has collaborated to bring us the MBS Wellbeing Festival in Waterford this October. Three days of immersion among over sixty complimentary medicine and spiritual healing professionals, showcasing the huge diversity of natural remedies available to help what ails us, and to open our awareness to the more of what we’re made of.


Lavish Getaway

A feast for all the senses, the Wineport Lodge in Athlone is set on a stunning lakeside with panoramic views – which you can take in from the outdoor hot tub – while inside you’ll be warmed by crackling wood fires and touches of luxury which “draw you in and beg your shoulders to drop.” Check out their website for autumn wine, dine and spa breaks.


September brings to the stage…

Three amazing people who bring inspiration to life and uplift the world; Echkart Tolle, Joe Dispenza and Deva Premal all arrive to Ireland to share their wisdom, vision, creativity and music with us this autumn. Check out Eckharttolle.com and google the others to find out more…

Holistic Training Courses

Nestled in beautiful countryside surrounds, Golden Egg Holistic centre is the perfect place to gain new skills this autumn/winter. If you’ve time to invest, try a Diploma course in Holistic Massage or Reflexology. For therapists looking to garner CPD points and add some strings to your healing bow, try Baby massage or Indian Head Massage.


Salute our Health Stores

Get in line for the week-long celebrating upcoming in May 2018 to celebrate the amazing work of Ireland’s health food stores. Health Stores Ireland is planning a country-wide series of events where you can come along, share in the merriment and show your appreciation for many superb sellers of whole foods, eco-friendly cosmetics and natural supplements … all made accessible to us by our health food stores.



Herbal Energy Boost

Try Íon ginger and ginseng herbal tonics to re-energise your evenings. Every day is made if you can do a little of what you love to do, as well as what you have to do. After a long day at work, these little tonics lend you some natural get-up-and-go to do both.


Immune Support

Who knew that Matcha green tea was ten times more antioxidising than the celebrated goji berry? When it comes to Matcha, there’s a lot to know, not least the intricate, ceremonial culture which accompanies it in Asia. For us in the West, Matcha is a perfect tea for this season – it’ll lift your mood and give your immune system a formidable boost.


Spicy Brew

Turmeric, a spice with a long list of super healing powers, is at the heart of Turmerlicious’ new caffeine-free, hot drinks powder. With hints of coconut, ginger, cinnamon and black pepper, all especially formulated to aid absorption, it’ll keep you cosy until bedtime…Zzzzz.


Potent Greens

Packed with Vitamin D Sun Chlorella is a good one to stock up on as we go into the dimmer months. A whole food product of Mother Nature, a small dose of this little green powder is also a powerful immune health supplement. Check out their recipe section for ideas on creating Chlorella centred juices, smoothies and soups.


Vegan Takeaway

Mc Guinness’s Chipper on Camden Street is now catering for the vegan munchies. The owner couple turned vegan two years ago and now run the first and only vegan chipper in Ireland; serving kebabs, burgers, pizza and sausages of the vegan sort. We’ve tried the black bean burger – and it’s gooood. Check them out on Facebook.

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