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Positive Nights Presents: ‘Custodians’ with Vincent McMahon

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Positive Nights Presents: 'Custodians' with Vincent McMahon

We are excited to be welcoming the international shaman and author Vincent McMahon to Positive Nights on Tuesday the 6th of March. Below, he offers a beautiful explanation of the theme behind his event – ‘Custodians’ – and what attendees can expect. ‘Custodians’ will take place from 7.30 to 9.30 p.m. in the Powerscourt Theatre, Powerscourt Shopping Centre, Dublin 2. Tickets are available via Eventbrite. The Facebook page for the event is here.

Custodians: A Journey to Wholeness

 by Vincent McMahon

Custodians is an invitation and a call to action to become custodians of ourselves and of the Earth.

The Problem

We are driven by psychological behaviour patterns in our unconscious called Roles and Archetypes. Psychologists say we are 90% unconscious and only 10% conscious, which means our Roles and Archetypes have a lot of power over us.

I thought they were an ‘interesting concept’ until I discovered they drove my life and also my dad’s life. I had inherited many of these behavioural patterns.  I lived the psychological role of ‘Provider’ where I worked excessively to provide for everyone. Yes, it is perfectly okay to provide for people, but when we are in a Role, we do more than is necessary because we don’t feel good enough and we are using the Role in order to feel better about ourselves.

These Roles are unconscious and they stop us from receiving any energy back for all the work and the hours we put in. We become tired, frustrated or resentful, and for all our ‘doing’, we often feel empty inside or not good enough.  And as a result we consume: food, drugs, technology, shoes, clothes, books etc.

This is problematic because everything we consume comes from the earth. We try to fill the hole inside us by carving / mining / digging a hole in the earth for the resources to create the things we consume.

The Solution

When we feel Connected, Worthy and Loved, our Archetypes and Roles cease to have power over us, we become Custodians of ourselves, and in turn when we consume less we become custodians of the Earth.

During our time together we will:

• Delve into the world of Roles and Archetypes using the map of The Four Quarters which explains your inner Queen / King, Warrior, Lover and Magician.

• See how science and nature demonstrates to us that we live in an interconnected world and an interconnected galaxy.

• Learn how nature loves us and the earth in practical ways.

• Understand why we are worthy of this love.

• Discover how the earth bounces back really quickly if we give her time to take a healing breath.

• Experience connection and love through a guided mediation.

It is my intention that you will leave feeling joyful, abundant and empowered as a custodian.

About Vincent McMahon

Vincent has trained extensively in shamanism and consciousness and has been initiated in Heart Centred Consciousness by the Peruvian Mystic Don Americo Yabar.  He has authored and lectured on Quantum Consciousness: Mind Body Medicine Degree Program for Paramount College in Australia.

In 2000 he was invited by a tribe in the West Papuan Highlands to learn about the forest that covers their land and how to live there. He learned how inextricably linked the people and the land are. As a result of his time in West Papua, Vincent has been appointed Ambassador by the Winam Eragayam Tribal Council to help protect their rainforests.

Vincent has also travelled to Peru, North America, Canada, Hawaii, Australia, China, Mongolia and Europe, researching man’s connection to the land on which we live, and has been a contributor to radio programmes on environmental issues. Vincent also holds a Masters in Healthcare Management and has run a successful consulting business for over 25 years. He works with Organisations and CEOs to facilitate change based on the principles of Interconnectedness and Interdependence that he has experienced from his time with indigenous peoples.

Originally from Ireland, Vincent now lives in the Cilento, a unique bio-diverse region of Southern Italy where he is the Co-founder of The Istituto dei Custodi dei Bio Nessi (The Institute of Custodians of BioConnections). He is passionate about living a life where we cherish ourselves, each other and the world in which we live. He is also the author of Custodians – The Solution for an Earth in Crisis; Science, Indigenous Wisdom, The Natural World and You. The book can be purchased on Amazon via this link. You can also visit his website at vincentmcmahon.com.

‘Custodians’ will take place on Tuesday March 6th, from 7.30 to 9.30 p.m. in the Powerscourt Theatre, Powerscourt Centre, Dublin 2. Full price tickets are €20, while concession tickets are €15. Click here to book or learn more. You can also check out the event’s Facebook page here.

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