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Tom Campbell: Are We Living in a Virtual Reality? – Sneak Peek

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Are we living in a ‘virtual reality’ of sorts? And if so, what can we do about it? What implications does that have for our everyday lives? This sneak peek of our exclusive interview with Tom Campbell, the physicist and consciousness pioneer, appears in our Winter 2018/19 issue. If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, check for your nearest stockist or subscribe to have the magazine sent direct to your door.

We Talk to Tom Campbell

Are we living in a virtual reality?

Tom Campbell is a professional physicist, author and a seasoned, scientific researcher of human consciousness. He has spent the last thirty years exploring the frontiers of reality, mind, consciousness and physic phenomena. We spoke with Tom recently, to find out more.


Tom began his working life as a physicist for NASA. Around the same time, he was also chosen to assist Bob Monroe in his internationally-renowned research into out-of-body experiences (OBE). Tom recalls that he and Bob would spend fifteen to twenty hours together each week, practically exploring the realms of consciousness:

“[Bob Monroe taught me] how to go out-of-body, how I could put myself in an altered state of consciousness that would allow me to experience these other realities that Bob experienced….That enabled me to do physics, to do research and analysis there in a non-physical state…because I didn’t know what it was…a hallucination…a mental state…your imagination – what was it? I’m a scientist and I wanted to find out exactly what it was.”

Thirty years of testing and research in this non-physical state later, Tom published his Theory Of Everything (TOE), a trilogy of books aptly named ‘My Big Toe’. He presents his experience of the true nature of consciousness, and not only that, but also answers to many of physics’ outstanding paradoxes.

His research brought him to the brink of a new scientific paradigm. Under the view of traditional physics, Tom’s experiments performed “miracles….they do things that should be impossible…[but] this tells us that our understanding of how reality works isn’t complete. Otherwise we would understand why and that these things are possible.”


The consciousness data he gathered, through his experiments and experiences, pointed to our reality being a virtual reality, a simulation. This hypothesis makes all that currently lies at the murky edges of science become clear, explicable and part of a complete vision and understanding of reality. Tom envisions that by “[piling] up evidence on the side of this being a virtual reality,” science will soon have to “get over three hundred years of belief in a materialistic reality.”

According to Tom’s research, we are part of a greater source, what some might call ‘God’ or ‘The Universe’, which he calls “The larger consciousness system”(LCS). This system divided itself up into “individuated units of consciousness (IUOC)”. We, IUOCs, ‘log on’ to a physical form, the body, our “avatar”, in order for our consciousness to be able to experience ‘life’, which is really a simulation of events projected by the computer of our consciousness. Our consciousness is the real player.


There is a profound purpose in this digital view of reality. It lies specifically in the essence of what consciousness is – an information system.

As an information system, our consciousness is here to evolve through the experience and decision-making processes of the avatar it logs on to. Evolution, for an information system, means to create more information, in an orderly way, and to raise the quality of this information, which is synonymous with raising the quality of our consciousness.

Consciousness has free will and so we have a choice to fulfil this purpose, or not. The way in which we interact with one another, make choices, express ourselves, and what we do with the consequences of those choices, is the manner in which we accomplish our mission. If the consequences of our choices lead to a joyful, rewarding life, then this is feedback that we are on track in raising the quality of our consciousness.

The way to fulfilling this mission happens also to be the way in which a kinder and gentler society is born:

“Caring, co-operating, working together – you can produce so much more that way…. As we care, have compassion, co-operate, we increase our consciousness and evolve…[This is] a love based system.”

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