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A Weekend With Abraham-Hicks

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Dr. Sarah Jane Dunne was kind enough to share with us her amazing story of going to Amsterdam recently to hear the teachings of Abraham (a Divine entity channeled by Esther Hicks). Read on to learn all about her experience.

Pure Positive Energy

Dr. Sarah Jane Dunne

‘Doing anything exciting this weekend?’ friends asked.

‘Yes actually! I’m off to Amsterdam to listen to the voice of Universal Source Energy embodied in human form’.

in 2017 my life changed forever, when I re-read The Law of Attraction and Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks. I began to meditate daily, and in these last two years, I have become the most content, the most relaxed, the most successful and the most happy that I have ever been. Imagine my excitement at getting to see Esther and hear the wisdom of Abraham in person, in the beautiful Westergasfabriek Park in central Amsterdam.

It’s an interesting crew, the ‘Abraham’ tribe: a great variety of followers, from famous rappers and Hollywood actors to healers, physicians and teachers. Happy, often financially abundant, very relaxed and appreciative people. Our own little crew at the seminar consisted of The Accountant, the Public Health Nurse, Dentist 1 and Dentist 2, and The Doctor becoming The Screen Writer – a representation of just that mix and inclusivity.

And the seminar … well, Esther Hicks in person, coming on stage at the age of 71, was a radiant beam of well-being. The workshop included about 9 conversations and 6 hours of teachings, ranging from the practical to the deep. For those of us well-versed, there was an ever-deepening and more nuanced understanding of these powerful tools. For those less familiar, there was an almost audible series of gentle thuds across the auditorium as new and life-changing ‘aha’ moments softly clicked into place.

The hum of energy after each day’s seminar was palpable, as strangers excitedly shared takeaways and stories from their own lives of manifestations they had experienced since finding this simple and effective approach to life. For me personally, the most important theme of the weekend was remembering daily that ‘Joy is the Key’. We are naturally joyful beings – just the pure, positive energy of Source. Only our own resistance stops that flow of pure positivity. And the best way to keep that flow open? Meditate daily, meditate early, meditate before phones and emails and kids. Meditate to release resistance and ‘for the Incredible Power, the Incredible Pleasure of unresisted thought.’

My last two years have brought me the most amazing personal manifestations and more happiness and success than in all of my adult life, but the real gift has been the feeling of contentment and joy every day as I remember that ‘Life is meant to feel good’. It really is that simple.

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