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Finding Comfort: Natural Relief for Skin

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One of the many fantastic changemakers we featured in our Winter 2019/20 issue was Natalie Balmond, founder of sensitive skincare company Balmonds. She discussed how she first began to make soothing creams and lotions to help her daughter Lula overcome eczema, and how Balmonds has gone from strength to strength ever since!

Finding Comfort

Natural relief for skin

Natalie Balmond, founder of natural skincare company Balmonds, says that her journey began when her daughter Lula was diagnosed with eczema. ‘She suffered terribly with it: we went to doctors, we tried cream after cream to help alleviate it, and nothing worked. So I started making my own formula at home, in my kitchen, to help her skin. This involved combining different oils and herbs – just to see what worked – and when it made a noticeable difference to Lula’s skin, I was so relieved.’

Balmonds’ moisturisers are mild, intensively hydrating, non-steroidal, and free of preservatives, fragrances and other known irritants. Their key ingredients – beeswax and hemp seed oil – aim to equip the skin with the nutrients it requires to heal itself.

‘We hear some heartbreaking stories from people who’ve suffered eczema or other painful conditions for years and years before they found Balmonds – with limited relief – and it can be very traumatising,’ Natalie shares. ‘So we hope that if more awareness exists around our brand and what we offer, fewer people will suffer in that way.’

While Balmonds’ products hold a massive appeal for customers with skin conditions, they are also a great option for those who simply want a more healthy, natural alternative to many of the mainstream skincare products on the market. We’re huge fans of their Skin Salvation formula, in particular – it’s beautifully moisturising, and deeply nourishes the skin.

Balmonds is available in Down to Earth and Hopsack in Dublin, Nature’s Gold in Greystones, Co. Wicklow, and Evergreen in Galway.


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