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Hema Vyas: What to Do About Climate Change

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Hema Vyas is an amazing psychologist and spiritual mentor who recently appeared at Positive Nights. She has great wisdom to share on how we can navigate climate change – read the insightful piece below to learn more!

Climate Change: What to Do?  

A psychological and spiritual perspective

by Hema Vyas

What we are experiencing right now is a cosmic crisis, an issue of humanity caused by our limited beliefs about what love is, expressing itself through climate. The solution is a return to love; the challenge is to move out of fear and into the space of the heart.

Collectively, we have unknowingly put up many ‘blocks to living’ that we are not always consciously aware of. This has led to a sense of disconnect as layers have built over time, moving us further away from the heart. There is a common misunderstanding that being in the heart space simply means being good, kind, loving and all the positive emotions associated with the heart. Among other qualities, ‘being in the heart’ means being authentic. Sometimes it is necessary to be tough and, if called for brutally honest with ourselves and others. It means not accepting compromises that are not comfortable. It can mean diving deep into problems and not papering over cracks, an outcome of short-term thinking that has contributed to the challenges we face today. 

The solution the earth is desperately seeking is connection and love. When we appreciate our similarities at the level of the heart we are not able to hurt another living being. We get to this place by aligning all of our being. Love is more than an energy or sentiment, it is a vibration we need to reconnect with. Only then will we actually be able to save the planet. Healing ourselves is the greatest gift we can give to humanity, to ourselves, those we love, and to the world around us.

Hema Vyas BSc (Hons) is one of London’s most prestigious psychologists, hypnotherapists and spiritual mentors. 


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