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Stay Ever-Healthy With Evergreen

by Alison McEvoy

We were excited to feature the popular Evergreen health food store in the Short and Sweet section of our Winter 2019/20 issue. Read on to learn all about their top tips for fighting off the winter cold!

Top tips for the winter cold

Stay ever-healthy with Evergreen

By Alison McEvoy

Evergreen Health food stores have been on the go since 1992. Starting with just one store, today, you will find seven of their stores dotted around the original Galway location. Evergreen has a big online presence, which means you can shop from anywhere. A huge plus is that if you make your order before 10am, your products could be delivered the next working day. I spoke with Aideen, co-owner of the store, to find out about their top tips for avoiding the insidious winter cold. 

Probiotics are now realized to be beneficial against the common cold, given that many of our immune cells are located in our gut. Echinacea is an old favourite, along with good quality zinc supplements, and both will bolster you against the cold bugs.

If you find yourself already down and out with a cold, sniffling is not a good option. Blow your nose and wash your hands immediately after, or, use a good quality hand sanitizing liquid. Take plenty of liquids, get enough sleep, cut your sugar intake and eat as many vegetables as you can. Then, get online or send out a loved one for some of the following supports; Elderberry syrup is a great option, especially for kids. Bee-propolis is also a potent formula which will aid you, along a with good quality vitamin C. 

If you’re uncertain of what to choose, Evergreen staff are always on hand to answer your questions, and have the distinction of being the best trained staff in the UK and Ireland. The staff attend continuous training every week and all staff are put forward for the Health Food Institute Certificates & Diplomas, ensuring your questions are in safe hands!

Visit them instore, or get online and check out evergreen.ie

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