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Enter into the Creative Flow With Siofra O’Donovan

by Alison McEvoy

Looking for a way to kick-start your creativity? We can highly recommend the creative writing classes and workshops offered by Siofra O’Donovan. We were thrilled to feature her work in our Winter 2019/20 issue – read on to learn all about it!

Enter into the creative flow

Unconventional creative writing workshops

by Alison McEvoy in interview with Siofra O’Donovan

“My writing workshops are different. They are not think tanks of criticism and competition, but crucibles of creativity where great ideas could, and have been born. I aim to awaken creativity in people.” (Siofra O’Donovan)

Speaking with Siofra, author, writing coach, creative writing and meditation workshop facilitator and more, you start to feel something. She is so in tune with the deeper aspects of being human; the source of creativity, the great unconscious reservoir of our dreams and the stories we carry inside, awaiting birth. Just speaking with her I felt an inner stirring of my own stories still untold. This is the inner soil which Siofra helps people to dig beneath and excavate during her writing workshops, which are meditative and often therapeutic.

“I passionately love storytelling through writing and I love teaching this art to others in creative writing workshops. Giving others the opportunity to dream again, through words.”

In a safe, relaxed and encouraging environment, Siofra has nurtured people through the powerful process of unearthing their authentic voices through writing, revealing powerful stories and even material from which some have created successful stories, plays and screenplays.

For eight to ten weeks, you can join Siofra and get your writing muscle going, or take on the Heroine’s journey in one of her more specialised workshops. This is a circular journey which can take both men and women deeper into the feminine experience using myth, meditation and creative writing. Themes of this journey include the exploration of the separation from the feminine, the healing of the mother/daughter split and the healing of the wounded masculine.

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