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We Recommend: ‘Infinity Calling’ – An Amazing Musical Experience

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Music is one of our most powerful methods of going beyond our limited perspectives and glimpsing our infinite natures. Music can help us to delve into our truth … and one woman who is passionate about facilitating that transcendental experience is Marta Lukaszewicz.

Marta is the musical maestro behind El Grey Music and Infinity Calling, which is rapidly gaining a reputation as one of YouTube’s most popular spiritual music channels. She says: ‘I’ve been interested in healthy living, energy healing, shadow work, consciousness, meditation, yoga, sound healing / sacred music and channeling for a few years now. Performing some festivals around Ireland, like Body & Soul, Yoga Festival and Electric Picnic, I finally settled on more healing, meditative vibrations, creating mainly from home as Infinity Calling.’

Marta identifies as an energy worker, lightworker and starseed. Her deepest joy lies in helping others to awaken to their infinite natures, and music is her most cherished means of doing so. At the same time, the Bray-based artist is passionate about carrying out her work in the most down-to-earth way possible. She explains, ‘I am a singer, pianist, guitarist and channel for the New Earth … but I am also a mum of two, so my perspective is quite grounded and inclusive, yet also multi-dimensional. ‘

Infinity Calling was born from Marta’s deeply personal healing journey. She has suffered from chronic pain for many years (she is in great company in this regard: other artists who have gone through this experience include Lady Gaga or Sia). She now experiences a greatly reduced range of mobility, which she is trying to understand and expand through, transforming herself in the process. As she so beautifully puts it: ‘Music is where I breathe deeper.’

The music on Marta’s channel is not pre-arranged in any way: the musical pieces are created in real time. She does not feature computerised tempo or click tracks, but describes her music as ‘pure freedom, pure love, pure flow in the now, unbound by any format. It is a space to go. A space to feel. A Space to heal. I aim to create cosmic energy tones and help people to enter deep soulful Presence in the Now.’

She explains that this way of creating music offers her a greater sense of flexibility and flow, in comparison with the traditional songwriting method. ‘When you think of the old way of writing songs, it can be a daunting, very time-consuming act,’ she says. ‘You need to write it first, find the melody, find the lyrics. You need to sit down to create, and next recreate afterwards to record in a studio … but what if you don’t have to do that any more? What if you can simply enter a space that enables you to sit and play and ‘retrieve’ a tune from beyond time, in real time?’

One of her most recent tracks, entitled ‘Conception :: Gods in Training’, was co-created with visual artist John Bermingham. It is just over ten minutes mins long, recorded in one take, with no pre-production, and minimal post-production. The track is deeply moving, hypnotic yet grounding. Marta describes it as ‘a Divine journey of Her and Him, uniting into Oneness. We aimed to create a beautiful, cinematic piece filled with high-vibrational, uplifting heart-centred energy.’

You can access Marta’s work via her channel ‘Infinity Calling’ – a channel she has created for high vibrational music, healing energy tones and more.



John Birmingham is a visual artist working with photography, digital media, music videos and more. You can find out about his work at:



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