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Mooncup: Simplifying Periods

by Alison McEvoy

One of our favourite sections of the magazine is Short and Sweet, in which we get to talk to a wide range of emerging and established names in the holistic and natural health world. Our Autumn 2020 issue featured an interview with Eileen Greene, director of Mooncup Ltd, who discussed the surge of interest in eco-friendly period products that her company experienced during 2020. Scroll on to read it!

Simplifying periods

Never ‘run out’

by Alison McEvoy

We caught up with the Director Eileen Greene of Mooncup Ltd, the company behind the original silicone menstrual cup.

Mooncup® reported an unprecedented 578% growth in online sales during lockdown in Ireland. The transformation of our world in spring 2020 led to shortages of not just toilet paper, but of period products too. In times like this, the benefits of the Mooncup® menstrual cup can become all the more clear.

With fundamental alterations in daily life for millions across the globe, people had time to re-evaluate their choices. As with other aspects of our lives, when it comes to our periods, we have had an opportunity to ask whether we want to return to ‘business as usual’ or if we’re ready to try a new, more sustainable way.

Unlike tampons which can cause dryness and leave fibres behind, the Mooncup respects your natural balance. It holds three times more than a regular tampon so it gives you longer lasting protection. It saves you money too: one Mooncup lasts for years, and costs the same as you would spend on disposables in 6-8 months.

Manufactured in the UK, Mooncup® was the world’s first silicone menstrual cup and is a brand synonymous with quality. They offer a unique Advice Service run by qualified medical health professionals – always there to support customers through their Mooncup journey.


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