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The Sacred Wheel: Discovering Our Inner Sovereignty

by Amanda Sophia

In our Winter 2020/21 issue, our much-loved regular contributor Amanda Sophia spoke about how the ancient wisdom contained within the Celtic Wheel of the year can help us step into a deeper understanding of sovereignty. Read her words below.

The Sacred Wheel

Discovering our inner sovereignty

by Amanda Sophia

Our inner sovereignty beckons to not only be discovered but to be embraced. 

The journey inward is not to be feared. We often shy from the shadows, but neglect to realise that by doing so, we are keeping ourselves from the hope of light. What if we dared to seek out and heal what has been needlessly broken?

As a Celtic Priestess, I have discovered that my intentionality of seeking holistic healing has been invaluable.

The Celtic Wheel & Sovereignty

My approach to life is to live in close harmony to nature and use the Celtic Wheel of the Year as a beautiful guide and invitation to inner work. Each twelve-month period of the Celtic Wheel is split into eight segments.

During the winter solstice, we are drawn to pause and do some deep inquiry to ensure we are on our path. Then, spring invites us to allow our greatest selves to emerge.

The beauty is that the Celtic Wheel can be used at any point of time in your life. You could be in the height of summer, yet need to call upon your own inner solstice to make sense of certain experiences in your life again. Nature beckons us to look at life in a more cyclical manner versus linear.

A Journey to Sovereignty

Sovereignty is defined as “supreme power or authority”. These aren’t likely terms that you would use to describe your life journey. However, if you choose to follow the Celtic Wheel, you will undoubtedly experience and press into healing of grand proportions. Join me on this journey of inner work with the guidance of nature and ancient wisdom. May you realise your divine sovereignty and fully embrace the power within. 

Beginning at Winter Solstice (20-22 December), the shortest day and the longest night of the year, you must go inward and let yourself reflect and dream. You may ask yourself what things beyond your physical senses have been wanting to be heard? How will you learn to be still and listen?

Shortly after the winter solstice, Imbolc (5 February) brings purification, growth, power, awakening, and inspiration. This presents you with a beautiful opportunity to acknowledge your inner knowing and set intentions for the year ahead. Reflect on Imbolc and journey inward to ask what lies dormant and what you hope to enhance. What do you need to leave behind?

Spring Equinox (20-23 March) is when nature gives birth and comes alive. The spring equinox’s message is one of emergence, rebirth, renewal, and the awakening of the inner child. Use this time of renewal to ask what needs grounding in your life right now? Where could you create more balance in your life?

Beltane (1 May) brings a reminder to honour your inner world by embracing sensuality, fertility, light, direction, and being a shining one. Reflect on Beltane and determine what action can you take today to step more fully into your joy. How can you reclaim your inner sensuality more deeply in your life?

Summer Solstice (20-22 June) is the turning point of the year, when the sun shines brightest. The Summer Solstice brings energy, inspiration, outwardness, manifestation, and transformation. With the sun on your face, ask yourself where in your life you are forcing things to happen. Can you shift to inviting divine flow?

Lughnasadh (1 August) The festival marks the start of harvest. Lughnasadh invites us to reap what we have sown and to see the fruits of our labour and love. Lughnasadh opens an opportunity for you to assess what is not thriving or working in your life. Reflect on what you may release. Are there areas in your life where you are over-giving and can create more balance?

Autumn Equinox (20-23 September) This festival is a time for reflecting on what one has gained and lost over the years. The message of the autumn equinox is letting go, reflecting, pausing, and hibernating. Autumn Equinox is an invitation to sovereignty. Ask yourself what seeds sown earlier this year produced well. Why or why not? What will you do differently next season?

Samhain (31 October) Samhain marks the start of the descent into the darkness and is the place we must willingly turn towards so we can truly discover who we are. The message of Samhain is to awaken your inner wild woman. As you awaken your inner shadow priestess, ask her what parts of yourself do you turn away from? What needs the most attention and love?

A Blessing of Sovereignty

With inner healing comes inner peace. Reclaiming your full right to be authentically yourself requires you to take the first step. As you utilise the Celtic wheel to press into the darkness so that you can emerge renewed, you will find that nature guides you in a way that only she can. 

Beloved, may the journey to self-empowerment be more rewarding to you than there are stars in the night sky. May you know intimately that you are powerful. The truth of ancient wisdom lies between your very breasts. Reflect on what has been: the lessons to be learned. Dream about what can be. Priestess, it is time to embrace and celebrate your body, mind, and spirit. May you know that you are a lovely creation, capable and worthy of love.


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