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Positively Newsworthy: The Little Things – Summer 2021

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Positively Newsworthy: The Little Things is a sweet, uplifting section of the magazine in which our editors share some thoughtful reflections on life. Enjoy our Summer 2021 edition below!

The Mother of Us All

Nature’s Embrace

by Alison McEvoy

It’s officially summer time. Trees that line streets, and the lucky ones that live in parks, and the luckier ones that inhabit forests, beside rivers, lakes, perhaps the sea … are filling up with foliage. The colour green is coming out in full force, and it strengthens the heart to see.

There is a very special place to me – the inner circle of a beauteous rose garden in my local park. I have been visiting that park my whole life long and the rose garden is the place where I have come to celebrate, to ruminate, to recover, to lament … all the various twist and turns my life has given me thus far.

When my faith in humanity has been tested, the roses dripping with tender petals have reassured me. Behind such beauty, there must be goodness … and all around us, especially in summertime, the beauty abounds.

These days, I take my little boy to the rose garden. For a while, I step back and let Nature be his mother. Let the sun shine on him. The wind blow through his hair. The grass curl up around his feet. I have made the introduction, and I hope the meeting with Mother Nature will be a fruitful one for him his whole life long, as it has been for me.

Dream of Daisies

by Aisling Cronin

When we began to dream
– before we ever stood atop the mountain,
or heard the roar of a wish fulfilled –
We sat on the ground
(Childlike hearts
Eyes of wonder)
And made daisy chains.

When we next stand atop the mountain:
Showered with glory
Wishes fulfilled
Promises kept
And our mission complete
Let us remember
To sit on the ground
And dream of daisies.

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