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Charlotte’s Creations: Clothes Made With Love

by Aisling Cronin

Charlotte’s Love is a unique upcycled clothing brand, created with passion by Charlotte Francis. In our Autumn 2021 issue, we had the chance to speak to Charlotte about her inspirations and philosophy.

Charlotte’s Creations

Clothes made with love

by Aisling Cronin

In today’s eco-conscious world, sustainability is a key concern for discerning fashion fans. Choosing eco-friendly clothes needn’t mean scrimping on style. For Charlotte Francis – owner of upcycled clothing brand Charlotte’s Love – creativity, self-expression and aesthetic intelligence are very important values.

“My journey has gone from dance, to visual art, to taking an interest in vintage clothing, to finally making clothes myself and understanding that they are works of art,” she says. “With every decision we make about the clothes we wear, we are living art. Unlike canvases that stay on a wall in your home, the clothes you wear announce who you are to the world.”

Charlotte’s logo is a simple crescent moon, which is prominently displayed throughout her range . One of her best selling products is the Charlotte’s Love Beanie.

She describes this eye-catching, cosy headwear as a labour of love.

“(The beanie) was an idea that came about organically,” she comments with a smile. “I’m a huge fan of comfort, and I believe that choosing to be comfortable doesn’t mean compromising your style. The crescent moon was an image that has been with me for a long time … I’m deeply connected to nature. I love it, and I’m always out in it. Whether it’s the sea or just under the earth’s sky, being out in nature is my medicine.

“When I decided to create the beanies, I wondered what to put on them, as I didn’t have a logo at the time. Suddenly, the image of the moon came to me. It was perfect! I loved the vision of a moon sitting right in the centre of the wearer’s forehead – where the third eye sits – bringing a sense of balance and beauty into their lives.”

Charlotte’s hand-crafted garments are emblematic of the growing sustainable fashion movement.

“I believe in creating what you want to see in the world,” she explains. “My whole mission is about supporting the rise of conscious clothing. All of my clothes are upcycled, I hand-design each one myself, and they all have a deep energy of creation behind them. I hope the wearer is able to feel the love that has gone into that process.”

Charlotte hopes that her unique upcycled creations will help change the narrative: style and sustainability can go hand-in-hand.

For more information, go to Charlotte’s website or Instagram page: her site is charlotteslove.com and her Instagram page is instagram.com/charlotteslove

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